You're Doing This On Purpose Attn Any AWLM

Laura Walker

One of your characters gets caught in a lie. It might be a big lie, it might be a silly lie or even just a story they made up for their kids. It might even be a lie of omission; something someone assumed that they never bothered to contradict. Do they double down on it or do they hold their hands up?  

The truth was that outside the Weyrling Wings people died. People died inside the Weyrling Wings as well of course but... less. Much less. 

Kel had been ten when he Impressed. That was three and a half turns ago and he had spent the intervening turns being as terrible a student as he dared to be. Practicing a blank stare when faced with numbers he had been able to master long before he'd come to the Weyr. Resolutely "failing" to learn to read, and pretending a bewildered expression when faced with letters. He had to surrender and start "learning" things he'd known turns before in time but he'd taken his time over that.  Anything to slow up the illusion he was progressing.

He'd done the same when it came to the Wing work. Gavroth wouldn't actually let him do poorly in the air but he'd done as poorly as he dared at any learning associated with it, poorly enough to look slow while still trying to look like someone who was.. well, trying. Gavroth was three now, they weren't Weyrlings any more by any stretch but they didn't let you in the proper Wings until you were fifteen.

Or if Kel had his way, *ever*.

He wasn't sure what happened to Weyrlings too stupid to ever fly in the main Wings. Possibly they just stayed in the Weyrling Wing forever or maybe they made them watchriders. Maybe he could convince them he would only be thirteen on his *next* birthday in a few sevendays and gain a whole extra turn. 

Anything to put off going to the adult wings.


Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.