You're Coming With Me JP Asheran/Kashara #HatchingForeth2020


The sounds of the humming jolted Kashara out of her sleep. She wasn’t the only one scrambling to get into her robes as chaos went up all around her. The eggs were early and Hatching at night. No one had been expecting it.

As soon as she was dressed, she went looking for Asheran.

Asheran hadn't slept well the past several nights, and last night had been no exception. The hatching was too close, too many things could still go wrong - but then the humming had started and he had been on his feet, adrenaline singing in his veins, throwing that borrowed robe over his shoulders like a cloak. He needed to find Kashara --

And nearly ran right into her outside his dorm.

“Oh, there you are,” Kashara said a bit quietly, though it was hard to be heard over the cacophony. She grabbed his arm. “Come on and keep your head down. No one’s going to look too hard at someone with me.”

Asheran followed her without question, doing as she asked but - maybe it was the adrenaline, or the keen anticipation, or the humming that seemed to shake his bones. He shook off her grip on his arm after a moment and reached for her hand instead.

"Thanks," he hissed again through his teeth.

She squeezed his hand and led him through the throng and into place in the line. The Candidates were ushered toward the Stands and Kashara and Asheran moved through with no issues. For a moment she thought that T’rifoshe might have spotted the boy, but if he did he didn’t say anything and they reached the Sands to stand around the Hatching Grounds.

That was when Foreth called to her.

“I have to go,” she said to him. “You should be fine now.”

"Good luck," he murmured to her, but his gaze was already drawn by the eggs. Somewhat hunched over and shuffling - because disguise - he made his way slyly over to the others, without a backwards glance. He was here. One weight slid off his shoulders, replaced by another.

Just being here wasn't enough.

“You, too,” she said and then slipped away. They’d meet again on the other side or they wouldn’t. Either way she’d given him a chance.