You Have to Go For a While (Rennitz, Jevensha, Aranck SA)


At the breakfast as Rennitz ate, she made sure to spoil her two firelizards with their favored foods and gave them more whenever they asked whie she herself ate. The girl watched with tender and also sad eyes as her gold and brown friends ate.

"Now... you two know Lady Tyne, yes? The one with the big, big faire?" The two chirped agreement that sounded distracted as they ate. "You're going to stay with her for a while." That got their attention and both looked up with mouthfuls of sausage to stare at their human. "Don't look so surprised... You feel that new presence in my mind as much as I do. You know I have a dragon, my dear blue Basilith. I have to focus on him for a few months, then I can come back for you. Or rather, you can come back to me. Don't worry- I'll want you back."

Jevensha began to fuss and chitter angrily but Rennitz silenced her with an impression of will. "No, enough of that. Jevensha, you are a queen so act like one. Conduct yourself around your dam and her human with decorum and grace. I don't want you back in pieces from Bobbin ordering her faire to attack you. You, Aranck, I have no doubts about. You've always been a good, reliable boy."

Aranck's eyes whirled in pleasure while Jevensha's chittering got more offended. How dare her precious and beloved human think her in need of correction! She was perfect, she was a diamond!

"If you're a diamon, then you have flaws, missy!" Rennitz firmly chided her gold with a thump to her nose. "Now that's going to be that. If you have complaints or issues, take them up with Tyne and Bobbin." Jevensha squeaked in a way that clearly stated that she would before flitting off. Aranck sighed and pressed his head into Rennitz's palm in a clear "be well" for which he was rewarded with scritches before he too flew off. Rennitz sighed, alone but for the sleeping dragon in her head.
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