Why's The Klah Gone?! Att: All

Jerzy Tobin

It had been a few reports here and there at first. Nothing to be
overly concerned about, really. It wasn't unusual for one or two
Holds to have trouble with their crops, after all. Bad weather,
insects, blight. Farmers dealt with that sort of thing all the time,
nothing to worry about, right? But then a pattern began to emerge,
and more and more reports came in. Tithe checks showed less and less
klah coming in, and checking in at other Weyrs (discreetly) had turned
up more of the same. It wasn't just Arolos Weyr that was suffering a
lack of klah. Some sort of blight was apparently affecting the trees
across Pern, and there was now a klah shortage.

Keeping things quiet at first, when there had been not as much in the
tithes but while there was still some coming in had been easier. Now,
however... There would have to be rationing, or there wouldn't be any
at all, until a solution to the blight could be found. There were
people working on it, the reports had assured, but until then...
Well, in the meantime, people were going to have to develop a liking
for herbal teas.

As was her duty, Andronda had made her report to Kassia and Larissa
both, and had been charged with making the announcement to the Weyr at
large. She wasn't thrilled with that in the least, but it couldn't be
helped. Having Nykantiath send out a call for a general assembly in
the Dining Hall, Andronda waited until she was sure that as many who
could had in fact gathered. Those that weren't present could get the
news from those that were.

"Thank you all for your prompt arrival. I am afraid that I have some
disappointing news to share with you all. Reports have come in from
not only Arolos protectorate, but from across all of Pern, that some
sort of blight has been affecting the Klah trees. Because of this,
there is a shortage sweeping across Pern. While we do have a
stockpile in stores, there is no question that what we do have is
going to have to be rationed. I have been told that experts are
working on a solution to stop this blight, and we will be sending out
forays to hunt for unaffected stands of trees to augment our supplies,
as we are fortunate enough to have that option. However, we cannot
count on finding anything. Thankfully, this blight does not seem to
be affecting anything else, though I am aware that its bad enough that
its affecting something we all tend to rely on. There are plenty of
herbal teas available, and we ask for your cooperation and respect
while we seek a solution to this problem. If anyone has any
questions, they may direct them to my office, and I will do my best to
answer them. Thank you for your understanding."

"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the goal of arriving safely
in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a
shower of gravel and party shards, thoroughly used, utterly exhausted,
and loudly proclaiming: "F*** ME, that Rocked!!" -unknown

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