Well This is Enticing (C'fan, any)


OOC: You find a loveletter slipped under your weyr door or under your pillow - but it isn't addressed to you. Do read it? Do you try to find the person it is addressed to? Do you tell anyone about it?

Drills had worn the bronzerider to the ground, but C'fan wasn't about to lay downn without having a nice hot bath to wash off the sweat, sand, and stink from his ever-darkening skin. He took his time washing from toe to hair and made sure to be particularly detailed around his favorite body part. Soon enough semen joined the other contaminants in the water that C'fan flicked towards the outflow pipe with a gesture and a smirk. He got out with a sigh and began drying off with a fur as he walked out to the rest of his weyr. Cadfask was preoccupied with his own grooming and Resmeinth was resting on his ledge; the only thing out of place was the envelope by his door. C'fan went to it curiously while trying to figure out who on Pern would resort to delivering a letter like this when firelizards were a 32nd mark a dozen and nearly everyone had one. Granted, he himself didn't, so C'fan let that go.

The first thing that he noticed when he picked up the envelope was the aroma. A distinct perfume wafted around the paper and lodged in C'fan's nostrils- flowery but not sickly with just a hint of vanilla. It was pleasant, really. There was one problem- it wasn't addressed to him. Oh well. More amused and curious now, C'fan opened the envelope and took out what seemed nice paper folded carefully around a red hibiscus that nearly fell to the floor before C'fan caught it. Curiosity higher than ever, he turned to read the letter.

Darling mine,

I've long dreamt of writing this to tell you of my feelings, yet I've been worried that they may go unnoticed. I do hope that this letter does get to you as I have no firelizard to ascertain that it does. I know that I probably have no chance in your eyes since I'm not a goldrider nor will never be, but I like to think that I'm attractive enough to warrant some attention from a bronzerider such as yourself. A lofty boast, I know, but if my perfume is anything to go by, I at least have the marks to back myself up. Oh, but I'm bragging too much. 

Dearest bronzerider, all I ask is a chance to talk to you. If your schedule allows it, meet me where the water flows into the Weyr lake from outside. I'll have a flower in my hair like the one I sent you. If you want, we can just talk.

Forever yours...

It was signed in a way that C'fan couldn't read it. It must be terrible to be the rider who this was meant for, to miss out on a girl like this. C'fan had every intention to go meet this girl and see if he could score off of her or if she'd just cast him away. One way to find out! At the appointed time, he hopped ontoo Resmeinth and went up to the spot she'd mentioned and looked about for a girl with a hibiscus in her hair.

OOC: Feel free to have her know him or not and react accordingly to seeing C'fan and then realizing he read her letter.
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