We're Hunting Runaways (jp: Elphith, Traynth)


Elphith had sent Cuylar's message to everyone he had asked for – starting with every Healer with dragon wings. And now she was expanding to the list of trustworthy friends, like Traynth.

((Traynth. Cuylar's boy is missing. Will you come help us find him?)) She sent him Cuylar's best mental image of what Garatt looked like.

((Cuylar has a boy?)) But Traynth sat up obligingly, giving himself a good scratch and stretching. ((Where are we looking? How did he lose him?))

((He got one, yes. And he has disappeared. We are searching roundabout the Weyr for wherever he might have run to,)) Elphith answered. ((Cuylar believes he has been driven away and fears for his safety.))

((I’ll tell mine,)) Traynth promised, and then a moment or two later. ((He comes. He asks if you think the boy is inside or outside the Weyr?))

((Cuylar believes he may have made it outside, but there is no way to be sure. The guards might have tried to stop him if he left through the main tunnel, but there are other ways to get outside – like through the barracks he fled,)) Elphith explained. ((He is afraid. What he does may not seem to make sense.))

((We’ll take sweepriding,)) Traynth said, sounding unusually sure of himself after a moment’s conferring with his rider. Riding was after all what they were good at. ((We’ll go clockwise around the boundary starting at the Barracks and take it low. People are slow on their feet. If he’s outside we’ll see him.)) A pause. ((Candidate or Weyrling?))

((Candidate,)) Elphith answered. ((I will start with you but turn counter-clockwise. There will be many others searching in the air and on the ground.)) She relayed a quick list of names. ((But you may tell me if you see him, and I will tell the others.))