Unexpected Expectations. (SA Mendl/Nimoth)


Mendl itched to go to the other Hatching Cavern, but Foreth had insisted she be up here. On the one hand, she was chuffed that Foreth thought she was worthy of one of her golden daughters. On the other hand, with the number of female Candidates Standing, vying for one of two eggs, what were her chances, really. 

Then they Hatched and she gasped at the beauty she saw. They were perfect! She couldn't help herself, she wanted one of those beauties for herself. Gone was the urge to go to the other eggs. Gone was her reluctance to become a gold rider. She only had eyes for these two beauties. A part of her knew she'd feel the same way if these were green, or blue, so she didn't feel like too much of a hypocrite.

They were gold. And they were Foreth's daughters. So of course they were headstrong. She had to laugh at Foreth keeping them in line. And if anyone not living in a Weyr thought dragons didn't have expressions, well, they were wrong. Foreth was obviously becoming irritated at their behavior. For a brief moment, Mendl felt bad for Kassia, not able to be here. It would have lasted longer, but the golds began to fight.

"No!" she gasped and stepped forward, but someone stood in her way. The DragonHealer in her wanted to get them patched up, soothe their wounds, make them whole again. But they were surface scratches; something that would heal quickly and cleanly. And Larsin was at the main Sands with numbweed, and redwort. So they were fine.

She was so lost in thought she didn't see the two come charging at her section of the group. Until...

(( Calyse?! I do not care for such a name. It is a name that means nothing to me. I have found my Mendl. For she is mine and no one else’s! No one shall take her from me, least of all you! ))   

Calyse Impressed? She smiled. Her friend had Impressed gold, and she couldn't be happier. She didn't even question how she heard that, and started to go congratulate her friend but was stopped by an imperious headbutt.

{{Where do you think you're going?}} Nimoth asked. {{You will not associate with that, that...}} 

Mendl felt something rummaging in her head and cried out. 

{{...that obnoxious ninny.}} She was now sitting in front of Mendl, eyes awhirl in rainbow light. {{I am all you need.}}

The discomfort in her head lessened, as Mendl's psyche made room for the massive personality that was Nimoth. No one ever said it was like this--feeling like you were fighting your own head. And yet, it could be no other way. 

"Yes, Nimoth, you are all I need," Mendl said, tears falling from her eyes. Her body trembled as she gazed into the rainbow swirl. Then, the rainbow lessened, becoming red-tinted and she was aware of a hunger gnawing her belly. "But you, my beauty, need to eat."

There was one last AWLM on the upper Sands, waiting to help her and Nimoth to the tables. But when they got to the main Sands, Nimoth saw Andorath already being fed. 

{{That HUSSY is getting the best cuts,}} she said, breaking away from Mendl to go take Andorath's meal. Mendl ran, tackling her dragon before she could get to Calyse and Andorath

"There's plenty for all," she said, her arm bleeding where Nimoth had inadvertently scratched her. Nimoth sniffed the air, then looked hungrily at Mendl's arm. Her tongue flicked out and lapped at the blood. 

{{You bleed for me. That is as it should be,}} Nimoth said as the AWLM who'd helped them down brought a bucket brimming with beef to her. Before Mendl had a chance to do anything, Nimoth had already grabbed a chunk of meat.

Mendl held the bucket out of her dragon's reach. "One at a time, and you chew, not bolt. You're not a canine." Nimoth had been about to try again but the reference to the canine stopped her. Mendl smiled; apparently referring to her dragon's vanity was the way to go--at least today when everything was new and unusual.

The Weyrlingmasters knew what they were doing, since Nimoth's hunger was sated the moment the bucket was empty. Well, they've had hundreds of Turns to figure it out, Mendl thought.

{{Figure what out?}}

"Oh, just how much a newly Hatched dragon needs to eat."

{{Mmm. Right.}}

Mendl laughed. "We need to clean you up, and get those scratches looked at."

Nimoth cocked her head--even her quizzical expression was elegant and beautiful. {{You can do that. You would have been doing that if I had chosen not to be born today. But I chose today, so we could be together.}} Then she raised her nose to sniff and began walking--out to the center of the Hatching Grounds. 

"Nimoth, where are you going?"

{{There has been death. There was one big death, but there are several little deaths here.}} She would sniff the air, stop, then go as if looking for something. Mendl was still so overwhelmed with sensations that she allowed Nimoth to do what she wanted. She knew it was bad precedent, but she was curious as to what was going on. Then Nimeth stopped and crooned. Mendl walked up beside her and saw the broken body of a blue firelizard laying on the Sands.

{{Oh, unknown warrior, light of someone's life, I honor you on this day of your demise. Know that you made someone's life spark, even as the spark left your own. You, now a sad blue husk of a once vibrant creature, I honor you.}} 

Nimoth gently picked up the firelizard and deposited it into the hole that Cheironth had dug, then turned to Mendl.

{Cover him,}} she said, and sat. 

Amazed at what she'd seen, Mendl obediently buried the poor dead firelizard. Nimoth continued searching the Sands, finding one more perished flit and a couple of expired tunnelsnakes. When they were done she sat, wrapped her tail around her like a cat, and yawned.

{{We can go now,}} she said.

Mendl copied the yawn. Bathe her dragon, tend to her scratches, then sleep. Much, much sleep.