To my eyes, you're perfect. Lerian -L'rin/ Cycleth SA


(( Keep away! )) Dardueth shrieked at her brother, throwing herself down to the sand even as he lunged towards her. (( The creature is mine! )) With a guttural hiss of noise, the green flailed and as she did, scooped up a pawful of the hot sand. Instinctively and without thinking she flung it at her brother, or more specifically, right towards his one good eye.

Sand impacted the bronze’s wide open eye and immediately he hissed, temporarily completely blind.  He started to shake his head wildly from side to side, panic starting to set in, {{ What did you do?  I can’t see!  I’m blind! }}

Wailing, he dashed off towards the candidates, running towards the only thing he could, that pull, that mind… he tripped over shells and stones and completely  knocked over one of the candidates, all in order to reach the only one that could help him.  {{ Please!  I’m blind!  I can’t see at all!  And I’m so hungry!  Lerian, save me! Save your Cycleth! }}

Lerian being one of the youngest on the sands, had been struggling to stay awake. This was something of a blessing, that and being short, well he'd been behind someone taller when Cycleth and his sister had killed the other candidate and maimed another. But as soon as the voice hit his mind, Lerian was completely awake. He pushed past the fella in front of him, sprinting across the shells and stones, as sure footed as a mountain goat.

Once close he dropped to his knees in front of the little bronze, cradling the head against his chest, and using the hem of his robes to very gently brush at Cycleth's good eye. 

"Easy big guy, easy." Some of the sand came away, but not enough. Thankfully dragonhealers and AWLM's were on hand, and a little bit of water later the sand was washed out.

Cycleth, now more comfortable blinked several times, then got his first look at his person, his world. He let out a relieved sigh and butted his head against the small boy's chest, almost knocking him over. The second headbutt, was much gentler. Cycleth hadn't realized his rider was so small. But he knew they both would grow. Together they would grow into...something. He wasn't sure, but it would be something great.

((You saved me. I can see, I knew you would. We will eat now?)) The last was a bit plaintive, his sister had stolen his food. Not that it has tasted very good. L'rin, now, Cycleth hummed with approval, as the boy stood, staying on the dragon's left side to guide him to the food. Once there he stood in front of the bucket, and wouldn't let Cycleth past no matter how he tried. He would be firm with the young one. He needed guidance.

"One at a time Cycleth, one at a time." The young bronze growled, but accepted the first bite, trying to push for another, but L'rin wouldn't give it till he'd chewed, and swallowed. Then the second bit was fed, by the third the bronze was resigned, mostly to the fact that he wouldn't be allowed to bury his face in the meat and gobble. As his stomach filled Cycleth began to relax more, and looked around, mostly turning to the left, as was expected.  He saw around him, various siblings, but only one other like him. Good only one rival then. Rival for what he wasn't sure of yet. But would they be rivals or friends? Then there was another bite of food, and the idea faded. Food was better.

Only then did reality seem to catch up to L'rin.. he'd impressed. Not only had he impressed, but he'd impressed a bronze. And not just any bronze at that. He was big, and dark, and looked like lightning was running through him. The only 'flaw' was his right eye. But to L'rin, it was no flaw. Just a part of this beautiful bronze that had chosen to spend his life with him. L'rin was so happy he could barely even think.

Cycleth felt mostly the same. Even small as his was right now. He'd been able to stand up to him, which Cycleth hadn't expected, yet somehow it pleased him. They would do great things together.

Have fun with any of my characters. Alyx, Lerian (candidates), Vayka (Healer), J'hen, D'vik, Teyra, Cotai (Riders), Rotasta (AWLM)