Threadfall over Forest Edge (Attn: All)


M'gal left the conference room after detailing today's Threadfall. He hated flying Fall over the mountain holds: either the Southern Minecraft Hall at one end, or the three smaller Hold;Halls Wabonel and Forest Edge Holds and the Weaver Hall at the other. Today they were flying over Forest Edge, where one of their new goldriders was from, so he knew they'd have to be especially vigilant. Not that they wouldn't be.

He yawned. Stupid klah shortage. Someone should have told them ahead of time. But no-oooo, he goes to play Weyrleader for Fall, and all they had was weak, watered down dregs. And happy to have that. But no klah on a day when they would be battling unpredictable Thread just, to be blunt, sucked.

At this time of year, and by the mountains especially, it would be a drizzly day. Which meant that some Thread would get through, and some would drown ahead of time. But there was no way to know which would be heading your way. A ThreadPod could open and rain down deadly spores. Or just black dust. 

Worse was when the pods didn't open up high; instead plummeting down and striking someone, like a large hailstone. Or whizzing past, to hit the ground. Then you had ThreadPod surprise: a live pod, a dead pod, or one that was something in between. Charring those sharding pods while they were falling was hard because they were so small. But Arolos was up to it.

Usually. With no klah to fortify them, he wasn't sure how hard it would be. 

{{Guess we're finding out now,}} Ozayith said cheerfully.

"Mmmph," M'gal answered as he looked at the Wings, ready in the Bowl.  "Let's go. It's not like the Thread will wait for us."

The Wings were stoked and ready, so he gave the signal to fly. There was nothing wrong with the dragons--they didn't rely on klah, so he was happy about that. Sure, a few liked to gnaw on klah bark now and then, but it wasn't like they were dependent on it. Not like humans. 

The Wings weren't as perfectly aligned as he'd like, but it wasn't horrendously awful, so he gave the signal to go between, over Forest Edge Hold, to await their ancient enemy to either sear Thread, or get covered in blackdust.  

Oh, and get soaked, too. These were the days a dragonrider lived for.