The Ghost of the Hall (DWC 10/31)


Ioya eyed the group of candidates that grew around her. It was time to see who could scare each other the most. Usually an activity she did not participate in. But this year she figured she would try it. And she knew the best story in which to tell everyone. Carefully, she turned the glow down, to almost a very eerie glow was to be seen. The light danced across her eyes. This could be fun.

"So, when I was still an Apprentice at the Harper Hall, there was a very old story that would float around. Usually whenever some unlucky apprentice had wandered into a place where they would disappear and never be seen again." Her eyes flashed, watching the assembled to see if any of them moved, before she started.

"Many, many turns ago, there was one apprentice who was adamant about becoming the next Masterharper. There was nothing more this lad dreamt or talked about. Everyone had always tried to get him to join into any of the activities that would be happening at the time. He always refused.

"He had impressed the Masterharper so much on his diligence and studying that he had taken this lad on to be his special apprentice. From then on he was running the Master's errands.

"Then one day, he was summoned to the Master's office. Short time after it was seen with that boy and the Master leaving that office and going down a rarely used hallway. They had disappeared into one of the many unused rooms." 

She leaned in closer, bring her voice down to a whisper. "A few moments pass and then..." She screamed, what sounded like a loud, piercing shriek.

She sat back. Voice returned to normal. "It is however said that to this day, if you listen closely on the night he was sacrificed, you can still hear his deathly shriek."