Support and recovery (attn: Insera/Wher Hall)

Amy Frazey

(OOC- dated to a fortnight before the Frost Fayre)

Zy'fen headed out of his weyr that day with his head full of an idea he'd been toying with for the past sevenday or so. He knew he would never be back to 100%, and even accepted that fact on most days, with the rare exception of days when he felt generally useless. Despite Nerenth's unfailing optimism, there were still days like that.

But now Zy'fen had an idea that might be of great help. But he had to talk to the right person first, and to that end, he was headed for the Wher hall office.


Insera was in her office. Sorrel was near her desk half dozing but always on alert for someone who might approach the closed door.

Amy Frazey

Zy'fen wasn't moving very fast, but he got to the Whercraft office in his own time, and gave the door a firm knock. He was getting a bit excited about his idea, but had to talk to an expert first, to be sure it would even work. There were things he couldn't do anymore. Nerenth could help him with some things, but a dragon wouldn't be able to get into a lot of places. And a flit could only do light work.

Amy Frazey

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