Something about Me (jp: Cuylar, Darrica [NPC]) 4/6 (oops)


((Congratulations. I will wait to smell him until The Mother is comfortable.)) She tilted her head. It was a rare person who Elphith named like that quickly, let alone on the first meeting. ((She could Stand, you know.))
"She could what?" Cuylar asked aloud, nearly stumbling.
((She could Stand. I know I'm not an official Search dragon, but I'm not blind; I can see she would make a good rider. A dragon would be good for her.))
"Uh. Don't you think… maybe she needs a little time to acclimate before we…?"
“You do have a dragon!” Possibly Darrica had been leaning towards humouring Cuylar a little all along because her eyes had gone round and wide when based with the reality of Elphith. Hesitating a moment she bobbed Elphith a slight curtsey, the best she could do without putting the baby down.
Cuylar could not help but laugh.
"Were you just going to follow me off down the road or something?" he asked. "Of course, I have a dragon."
((Tell her.)) Elphith nodded back to her.
"Give her a minute, El; she's got enough on her mind."
((Tell her, or I will.))
"Elphith," Cuylar whined. She said nothing else, but she gave him The Look. He sighed and turned to Darrica. "If you want, when we get to the Weyr, Elphith will vouch for you if you want to be a Candidate to Stand. We're not officially Searchers, but we can find one to do the official part if we need to."
"But you don't have to," he added.
“I thought -- I don’t know.” Darrica blushed. “I thought maybe you had a friend waiting with a cart around the corner or something and you’d just--tell me your dragon was back at the Weyr and--” She blushed harder. “Sometimes boys just say things,” she mumbled, ducking her head. Impressive things, things that sounded great at the time and then somehow were never 100% true. 
She looked startled at Cuylar’s suggestion, and hugged the baby closer. “But-- I can’t do that with Riccard, can I?” Clearly the new name was going to take time to stick.
"You don't have to do it at all," Cuylar assured her. He tried his best to ignore the fact that Darrica had been desperate enough to follow him even though she was half-sure he was going to kidnap her or something. 
"But you'd probably be pretty good for it, or else Elphith wouldn't be so insistent that I tell you. The Weyr has a creche to care for children while their parents are working. And if you decide you want to do this, he can come home with me at night."
"You don't have to decide right away, either. You can wait until you decide you can trust me with Cuyric."
“He needs me to feed him.” Darrica looked worried all over again. The amount of new options she was being presented with felt a little overwhelming and part of her was already starting to wonder if she’d gone crazy following this man out to his dragon at all. “He’d be hungry if I was away from him working somewhere else.” She stared up at the green dragon. “Does he really talk to you?”
"She. And yes, she does. I can hear her thoughts in my head, and she mine in hers," Cuylar explained. 
"Alright," he said as he touched Darrica's upper arm. "Your only concern until Cuyric is weaned will be taking care of him. I will make sure you have a place to sleep, and the weyr will feed you. And lucky for you, you'll likely have already given up klah for nursing." He smiled warmly. "So you won't have to worry about the shortage anyway."
"Once Cuyric is old enough to eat solids, then you can start to think about what you want to do going forward. You'll have plenty of options. Until then, anything either of you need, I will get it for you."
"I'll introduce you to my friend, Cremsden. He's a Healer. To Elphith, he's the Healer. Between him and me, we'll make sure you have every bit of healing care you need, too."
“..I’m not sick though.” She still peered up at Elphith as though not quite believing this was real. Which was exactly what she was thinking just now. “If I’m dreaming this it’s a downright odd dream.”
"Well, of course not. But we'll make sure to keep an eye on you and the baby. Make sure you're healing right, staying well. And that Cuyric is developing as he should. Just like my mom would have done. Er. She was making sure you were doing alright, wasn't she?" Maybe he was just being overly cautious, and Cremsden would tell him so.
“Your mother was just--” Darrica’s voice wobbled dangerously. “She was the kindest-- and I’m just-- I’m so sorry--” There had been guilt, and a good deal of it, for the young woman to carry for accidentally sneaking around on someone who had later been nice to her.
"Sorry? Why?" Cuylar tilted his head with a concerned frown. "You don't have anything to apologize for. O-oh." And then he realized what she might be thinking of.
"What my father did wasn't your fault. This isn't your fault. And I'm going to make things right for you. OK? If you're worried about whether you can trust me, remember – Sela raised me, and I'm her son."
“It really kinda is though--” Darrica admitted in a small voice. “I mean, I didn’t know Se-- your mother well then but-- I did know he was married? And I guess-- it just didn’t seem important for a little bit because--” She blushed. “--I mean, I didn’t think if it was just once that it was likely, that there’d be a baby.”
"I want to tell you something about myself. Since you're sharing with me. I have always wanted a child of my own someday. But I've never known how I could possibly have one," Cuylar gazed with soft eyes at the baby. "But now, well. It looks like fate has conspired to give me a son. I don't want you to be sorry that we have this baby boy. Look at him." He smiled from ear to ear.
"He's so beautiful. And now, you're going to have this opportunity to become a Healer or a dragonrider or anything you can imagine. And Cuyric is going to have two parents who love him dearly. So maybe you made a little mistake. But you and I are going to build something amazing out of it. OK?"