Skylar observing.

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After getting everything settled in her weyr and assisting Lyla in hauling
some of her things into -her- weyr, Skylar settled down with a huge pot of
oil to oil Ari in a few places she'd been complaining itched.

{{Ooo...that's good. Keep going. It's itchy.}} Skylar complied, rubbing
the oil in until Ari's coppery-gold hide shone. After quite awhile of
oiling, Ari was finally happy, and Skylar stood beside her, scratching her
eyeridges while she watched the goings on.

[[Lot of people arriving, Ari...have you talked to any of the dragons?]]
Ari turned her gaze along the bowl at the several dragons sunning. {{Yes,
rider mine. They are all very happy to be somewhere with a nice sunning
ledge.}} Skylar rolled her eyes. Sometimes sunning and swimming was all
Ari could think about.

While Skylar was out with Ari, several people arrived. Ari bugled her
welcome, and Skylar waved her own greeting madly.

OOC: Whoever wants to respond can...~grin~ She's just waving randomly.

~Skylar and Ari