Sh'ain and the Babies (Sh'ain/Kassia JP)

Kevin M

It was in the evening after the twin’s birth and things had calmed down. M’gal had stepped out for a moment leaving Kassia alone with Sh’ain. She looked over to see him as he held one of the girls curled in his arms and smiled.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you hold one of our little ones,” she said.

“Several Turns,” Sh’ain agreed, cuddling their (and no matter who the actual father was, there was no doubt in his mind that he’d be a daddy to both these little girls) daughter.  “She’s beautiful,” he said softly, looking up at his weyrmate.  “Just like her mother.  How’re you doing, love?”

“Tired and glad it’s over,” Kassia said, getting up to retrieve the other girl from the crib because she was starting to fuss. “Remind me never to give birth to two of these again, okay? Even if they are beautiful.”

Sh’ain laughed.  “I’m sure Shalia would’ve been happy to warn you about that!”  Privately, he hoped she’d never give birth to even one more again, given her history, but there were plenty of people around to keep an eye on her.  He rocked the little girl gently, making a little cooing noise to her.

“I still can’t believe that she had twins,” Kassia said. “And now she has twin baby sisters. Hopefully these two will be less bratty than Sarati was. There’s been so much time between them it’s almost like having a first-born again.”

“I’d say you could get them to help you out, but Shalia barely wants to take care of her own babies,” Sh’ain chuckled.  “Even if she didn’t have a baby dragon to take care of, which leaves Kashara out also.  And Sarati doesn’t seem very interested in them, but maybe she’ll like sisters more than nieces?”  There was doubt in his voice about that, though.  Well, maybe Rassia would… probably not, though.

“Nah, they’re all useless.” Kassia waved her hand dismissively. “But I’ll have plenty of milk mothers and daddies to help. The file room off my office has been converted to a nursery like Wygelle did when she had her twins so they can stay close. It should all be fine.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” he agreed.  “I kind of wish I was able to do that in my office for the girls.  Uh, the twins.  I mean, Shalia’s twins.  Faranth!” he laughed at the absurdity of it all, then looked at Kassia mock-suspiciously.  “Did you get into those berries?”

“No, I just have two mates, a lover, and two Weyrleaders,” Kassia said with a laugh. “Apparently that’s enough to overwhelm the teas. And then you add in that broken leg.” She shook her head.

“So even though it was Foreth who broke the leg, it was you who was laid up?” Sh’ain teased.  Hopefully she wouldn’t be able to swat (or stab) him with an armful of baby girl.

He’d have been wrong on that regard. She maneuvered her daughter around so that she could swat him even as she grinned at him. “She’s out there sulking already. She thought she was done sharing me with babies.”

“Poor her.  Tell her you’ll be sharing her with babies for Turns yet, she can share you one last time.  Or shall I have Rhyth go distract her?”

“You’d better have Rhyth distract her,” Kassia said with a sigh. “In her mind her babies are saving the world. Mine are just whiny, small things that can’t even walk or talk.”

“I’m sure these lovelies will be saving the world soon enough.  They’ll at least have several Turns left in the Pass.  Though I wouldn’t be at all unhappy if they decided on a less dangerous profession, like maybe being a Guard,” Sh’ain responded after a quick mental conversation with the blue.  “I’m proud of the girls, don’t get me wrong, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying.”

“One of these girls is going to be a goldrider and then Weyrwoman some day,” Kassia said with utmost certainty. “Not that I have lofty goals for them or anything, but I need someone to follow in my footsteps and I feel like one of these girls will do it.”

“Now why would you wish that fate on one of these poor, innocent girls?” Sh’ain teased.  “Besides, there’s still Rassia,” he pointed out, although the goldrider’s no-longer-youngest daughter seemed almost as dead-set against the idea as Shalia had ever been.  “Or Andreya.  Or all four of them and start taking over the North,” he chuckled.

“I’d be happy with that,” Kassia said with all seriousness. She didn’t normally make a big deal about her desire to pass on her legacy as Weyrwoman, but it’d be dumb to think it didn’t exist. 

She reached down to stroke the girl’s head under her fingers. “So I think I have names for them. The one that has that mark that sort of looks like the one M’gal has I want to name after the three of us so I was thinking Shargalia. The other one I’m naming after B’lin so Kaslinne.”

“I like them,” Sh’ain said after considering them for a moment.  Although he liked Kaslinne more than Shargalia.  “Hmm.  ‘Kaslinne’ sounds more goldrider to me,” he mused.

“It does,” Kassia agreed, “but maybe that’s because it starts with the first part of my name.” She snuggled her daughter close. “Just think. There was a time you and I were just meeting and now we’re on our second round of children with already adult children.”

“And one of those adult children is on her first set.  I’m getting old,” he complained.  “It’s hard to believe how long it’s been,” he added softly, then looked up at Kassia and smiled.  “But you’re still as beautiful as ever, love.”

“How have you put up with me so long, handsome?” Kassia asked feeling nostalgic looking down at her twin daughters. “Way back when could you imagine that one day the bratty Candidate and then even bratty Weyrling would become Weyrwoman and give you multiple daughters?”

“By keeping plenty of bandages handy,” Sh’ain replied promptly, eyes twinkling.  “I could have imagined the children, although I feel it’s in my best interest to not comment about the Weyrwoman part.  But you’ve grown into the job well, love,” he said, seriously.

“That’s okay, I never would have imagined that I’d become Weyrwoman either,” she said with a laugh. “Life’s funny how it turns out. I can’t complain how it’s gone lately even with as stressful as it’s been. I’m just so happy.”

“Me too, love,” Sh’ain said, moving the babe in his arms to one so he could put the other around Kassia’s shoulders and pull her into the cuddle.  “And now, I can’t even imagine you any other way.”

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