Royalty Desires Attention (Diagir/Ziya, any)


While it was certainly not near time for Ziya to run again, the queen wher was in one of her moods where she demanded attention. These moods usually resulted in Diagir having everything he was doing put off in favor of giving his wher attention. Today, however, the compact striped gold wanted the attention of other people. She plopped her harness in Diagir's lap pointedly with a grunt.

{Walk.} Ziya demanded simply. Looking at the window, Diagir noted that it would be late enough that her eyes wouldn't be hurt without goggles so he bypssed his redesigned goggles and simply harnessed his queen.

"Diagirsk, wanna go?" the Senior Journeyman asked his brown. Diagirsk yawned and thought a moment before rising with a shake.

{'Girsk go. 'Girsk no walk lately but walk now.} Diagirsk retrieved his own harness with chain attached and returned to his handler. Diagir rubbed his old partner's head before fastening the harness on and making sure the chain was firmly attached. He took up Ziya's leather and metal leash before opening the door.

"Go," Diagir ordered and was pleased when the pair went out, Ziya first. Her age wasn't a factor anymore, not when she'd ran three times and produced three clutches of healthy eggs including a queen one. No, she'd earned her place in the front by right of her color and thus status. Diagirsk's biology bade him to obey so he showed no issue with letting the younger wher take the lead. The trio walked out of the wherhall for their nightly exercise before classes, walking up the path towards the Weyr while keeping his eyes out for anyone new who he or his whers wouldn't know.

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