Panic at the Weyr (F'gan, Nadia, Any)


In a rare moment F'gan found Nadia sitting in the corner of the dining hall holding a cup of Klah between her hands.

She looked so calm compared to her earlier years in the weyr. If he was a betting man, he'd swear that something had changed....

He was about to say something when he felt what he could only describe as the world sliding under his feet.

Nadia's cup slid out of her hands as she felt the vibration. She looked at the form standing in front of her and mentally checked her brother off on the list of people she had to check on.

"That felt like an earthquake. " she said as she got to her feet. If it was, the Infirmary would need extra hands and she took off in a run.

F'gan nodded and dashed out to make sure that the weyrlings and candidates that had stayed behind were safe and secure.....