Painting a Memory SA Kassia


After M'gal had to leave, Kassia decided to get her project started. She sent the Harper Hall for the things she'd need to get going and then took up a spot in the Stands. There she had an easy look on Foreth and the eggs. Kassia put brush to the large canvas and started painting. Foreth, for once, was very cooperative, moving each egg into view as needed.

The Weyrwoman put all her attention into the project, focusing on getting the details as well as she could. Every once in a while she needed to take a break or someone interrupted her, but for the most part her attention was on that canvas and getting everything accurate.

Finally, seven days after she started, she put the last stroke on the painting.

The painting was of eggs piled on the Sands with the two gold eggs prominent, but all the other eggs features as well. Admittedly, some of the uglier eggs were put into positions where they were less able to be seen, but egg was there in detail. Kassia was no harper, but she was definitely a good painter, just most people didn't get to see it.

When the canvas dried, she carried it over herself and made sure that it was put where everyone could see it.