Night of changes. Alyx SA


The hatching, horrid and wonderful. Tonight had been about lives changed, lives saved, and lives lost. All things that a healer was supposed to be able to handle. But tonight had been more than Alyx had been ready to face. Watching that poor boy, mauled and then forgotten. Bleeding into the sands, staining them crimson in a way she wondered if it would ever truly clean out. She was used to a certain amount carnage around draconics, but...

She took another hasty sip of the wine situated by her elbow. She didn't drink over much. The few times when she had, well she tried not to think about those things. None of them would be happening tonight. She sat in her room, the glow barely open, as was fairly normal now. Cremmie sat beside her, head laying in her lap. Between drinks her fingers lightly traced the ridges of his head. He wasn't quite sure what was so upsetting about meat, other than it had been a two leg. But his 'Lyx was upset and needed him.

And then...seeing the impressions, usually her favorite part, while she was glad for those that had. She was shocked to have seen Asheran on the sands. He hadn't been standing, or so she thought. But his bronze had gone right to him. She'd always known that he's impress well. Had believed it. Now it was true. She didn't know what that would mean for them either. More importantly what Did she want out of that relationship? She had her own career, she had Cremmie to think about too. What was right? What if he fell for another rider? Wasn't that just right? Maybe they could be friends..maybe together with freedom for flights? She wasn't sure what she wanted to do. She'd never truly been with anyone. Sure she'd spent flights with people here and there.  But never stuck with someone. How would he be after the Impression? Dragons changed people. Everyone knew that, usually for the better. Would they still like each other? Well only time would tell.

She'd always hope to be one of those lucky ones, leading their partner off the sands. Cremmie picked up on the image and the sadness it created. He wasn't jealous, or upset. He sent back to her an image of herself, as He saw her. The first image he'd ever had of her. It was dark, fuzzy, dust, then there was warmth. A voice, a voice that promised affection. A feeling, a smell of food. Then there was more she moved. A bit of food landed in front of him. He didn't know what it was, but ate it gratefully. The tug of affection got stronger, and he started to inch closer, wary, yet hungry. There was fear, on both sides, another bite, another step. Bit by bit the bonds of love were formed between wher and woman. By the end he was standing right at her knee. Looking up green eyes met whirling blue and green. There was no question, no hesitation. This was the one he would love and protect over all others. This woman, this Alyx was smart, and clever and kind. She did more than she had to for others. Her work ethic was strong, she loved deeply, though it didn't always show. In her mind the two flits welcomed Cremmie with open claws. He showed her his love, the way her hair always fell down for her to brush away, the deep color of her eyes early in the morning as she went to sleep. The way her hands found all the perfect spots when she was scratching. Her loving care as he grew. The love she felt for A'shran, her bronze, and now he was a bronze in truth. Then because he was linked into her mind deeply, he let her feel, everything he felt. It was rough and raw, chaotic and strong. The devotion so strong that she knew he'd do anything, anything she ever asked of him. After that Cremmie withdrew quietly and again was simply with her, laying his head in her lap.

Alyx tried, but she couldn't hold back the tears. She knew Cremmie had impressed on her. She always knew what she'd felt, but seeing the whole thing through his eyes. It was a little overwhelming, especially half a bottle in. Her defenses against the night came down in a torrent of tears, Cremmie didn't mind at all as they sprinkled down on his head he crooned to her low in his throat, her two flits picked up the note and harmonized, sitting on her bed. As the emotional overload worked it's way through, and finally began to fade, she came back to herself. To her true self in a way she hadn't for a while. No matter what happened in the future, with her, with A'shran, with anyone else. She was loved, an indisputable fact. She wasn't alone, she never would be.

With a lightened heart, Alyx blew her nose, and wiped off her face. Her voice was a bit hoarse as she looked at her trouble making trio. "Let's go to bed guys." And they did, and Cremmie, just this once, and possibly for the last time, crawled into the bed with her, laying his head on her hip. {Love 'Lyx. Night, sleep.} And so they did.

Have fun with any of my characters. Alyx, Lerian (candidates), Vayka (Healer), J'hen, D'vik, Teyra, Cotai (Riders), Rotasta (AWLM)