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[[Okay Toreth, we'd better get back to the Weyr]] Alba said to her dragon as soon as they were dry. Toreh grumbled about wanting to stay in the warm sunshine for a while longer, but lifted her foreleg for her rider to mount. Once aloft, dragon and rider winked *between*, and appeared a moment later over the Weyr. [[It looks so nice from above]] Toreth commented as they circled down towards their weyr. Toreth landed neatly on the ledge, and soon lay down to bask in the sun.

Alba left her weyr, and tried to remember where the other queen's weyrs were. She had only been in the Weyr for a week, and had been so busy trying to find her way around that she hadn't had a chance to meet the other riders yet, and decided it was about time she did. After a moments thought, she headed towards Skylar's weyr. She paused briefly to knock at the door before entering. As she expected, she didn't know either of the people in the weyr.[[Arianth's rider, Skylar, and Talith's rider, R'Tal]] Toreth filled in lazily before dozing off again. Alba didn't recognise any of the names, but she assumed Skylar was one of the other queen riders.
"Hello," she greeted them, suddenly feeling like she was intruding.

Alba and Toreth