M'gal and the Babies (M'gal/Kassia JP)


It was the afternoon after Kassia had given birth and things had settled down. Sh’ain had stepped out and left her with M’gal and the two twin girls.

“Do you want to hold one of them for me?” Kassia asked, both babies in her arms as she laid back in her bed.

“Are you sure?” M’gal asked, but he leaned forward and picked one up, being careful to hold the head and neck.

{{Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Babies aren’t like whers and flits, you know,}} Ozayith said. 

[[I know, silly. It’s a baby.]] 

“She sure is--cute?” M’gal said, looking into the red, pinched face. Maybe when she’d been in the air for a while?

“They get cuter,” Kassia said with a laugh. “Did you see that mark on the back of her shoulder? It looks like that mark you have. That’s how I’ve been telling them apart although there’s been talk about using some berry stain on the fingers of one of them to help, too.”

Mark? M’gal had seen some blood and, well, stuff, but he thought it had all cleaned off. But if she had a mark like his…

“My mother had a mark like that, too. I think it runs in the family. She might be mine.” Now that he looked at her...well, who was he kidding. He didn’t even notice a resemblance to Kassia yet.

“My theory is that she’s yours and that the other has B’lin’s nose,” she said. “Foreth’s eggs had two daddies, why can’t my babies?”

M’gal smiled. “Why not, indeed?” he said, holding the baby a little closer. “I like the idea of having a daughter. At least I know I have one now.”

She returned the smile. “I had to work hard to come up with a name that worked with both your name and Sh’ain along with mine, but I eventually named your daughter Shargalia. Though I imagine we’ll just call her Shar. B’lin’s daughter is Kaslinne.”

“Shargalia,” he said, rolling it around to see how it felt. “Yes, Shargalia is nice. Hello, Shargalia. Shar.” She opened an eye and looked at him, then closed it again. “I like how you combined our three names together. It sounds good.”

“I wanted all three of us to be in the name,” she said. “I’m glad you like it. Thank you for being there for all of this. I know birth isn’t the most pleasant to watch.” She assumed, having only ever actually been on the actually doing it side of things.

“It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” M’gal admitted. “And it can you get something this size out of that tiny little...and then there were two of them! It’s actually pretty unbelievable to watch.” But even now, it didn’t bother him. Oh, it had bothered him to not be able to help her with the pain, but now…

“I think these two little beauties are worth it.”

“I do, too,” Kassia said. “I’m glad it’s over though. The head does a good job at making you forget just how horribly painful that all is or I’d have never have done it more than once. But they’re here now.”

“And you’re well, too.” He’d heard horror stories about women and childbirth. But he wasn’t going to think about it now.

“So, are they going straight to the creche? Or are you going to keep them for a while?”

“I’ve got milk mothers lined up and the filing room off my office turned into a nursery like Wygelle did when she had twins.” She shifted the girl in her arms. “I figure between the milk mothers and the daddies, these two will be getting plenty of attention and I should be able to go balance getting back to work as soon as possible.”

M’gal nodded. He knew he’d known this, but it all fell out of his head the minute Ozayith came to get him.But, now that things were back to the, well, new normal, he had some ideas for the sheath for Kassia’s knife.

“You may want another assistant, too,” he said, “at least, at first. To help you with the boring stuff.”

“I’ll consider it,” Kassia nodded. “Andreya’s been helping run errands for me and I’des keeps my files clear, but another assistant might be worth considering. But you know me. I don’t take easily to taking it easy.” She leaned down to kiss her daughter’s head. “Although I’ll try.”

“I know. But you’re,” he almost said she wasn’t getting younger, which would have been a huge mistake, “going to be recovering from this ordeal for a while now. I know I’m not on the ‘feeling it’ end, but it really looked like that would take a lot out of you.” He chucked Shar under the chin, and swore she smiled at him. “Yes, giving birth to you looked tiring.”

{{Oh, please, don’t use that baby-talk tone. She deserves better than that.}}

“I can’t let this keep me down,” Kassia insisted. “The last thing I need is people to start thinking I’m getting old or that I can’t handle things. I’ve got two young goldriders hot on my heels and waiting for me to show signs that I need them to step in more than necessary.” Translation: Letting go was hard for her. She wasn’t much for giving up the slightest bit of power and she didn’t want this to be a reason that she had to do so.

“No, you can’t, and you won’t. know, I think you’ll be fine.” He wasn’t going to turn this into a fight. It wasn’t necessary. And he knew nothing about what she’d just been through. 

“You know how much you can do, and I don’t know what I’m talking about anyway. I just love you and don’t want to see you hurt yourself. But I’ll be here for you.” He couldn’t help himself, he also looked at Shar. “And you, too. Both of you,” he said including Kaslinne.