Klah Expedition: Fancy Seeing You Here (Diagir, Maglor)


After disembarking from their dragon, Diagir began outfitting Ziya with her new harness that he could easily detach the leash from if needed. It was a prototype design itended for emergencies that working whers would face where they'd have to detach from their handler swiftly, such as attacks from outside forces. Considering why they were there, DIagir felt that now was the best time to try it out. And of course he'd do it on his own wher since she was his responsibility- there was no way that he'd risk anyone else like that. 

{'rung here,} Ziya said suddenly while raising her head and wagging her tail eagerly. {Lustre, too.} The fact that her golden daughter was present tempered her excitement but she was still eager to see them. Diagir was too, so with a pat to Ziya's flank he directed her to the trio.

"Maglor! Surprised to see you here. Are you offering the expedition protection, too? Glaurung, Lustre, you two are looking fabulous tonight. My, girl, you've gotten quite big. You're going to outpace your mother I believe."
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