Just Excited JP Kassia/Trifali


It was early morning. It may as well have been much later in the day given how awake Kassia was. Then again, she shouldn't have been awake at all given three days no sleep. Apparently no one had told her that as Kassia was sitting at her desk, going rapidly from one page to another, never really taking anything in even as she scribbled out things. This needed to be done. That needed to be done. Why weren't they done with the project over there? The thoughts flew rapidly through her head and she couldn't settle on just one. Maybe her helper could help run messages. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Trifali entered with a brisk knock and paused. She studied Kassia with her gray gaze, tucking a stand of red hair behind her ear. There was something indefinable about the Weyrwoman this morning; she almost vibrated with energy and she looked...manic. Stepping in, she straigthened her shoulders and asked, "Are you alright? Can I get you anything?"

Kassia turned a wide smile on her. Her response came rapid fire. "I'm fine. Very fine. There's two eggs...on the Sands. How could I not be fine? Everything is great!" Then she looked down at the paperwork. "There's just so much sharded work. Too much work. Things aren't going fast enough. Why isn't Foreth's pond done yet? They keep making excuses."

"What can I do?"

She gave a tentative smile, stomach tightening in shared excitement about the golden eggs. What must it be like to be Kassia right now? She nearly asked, but bit her tongue. The woman had shared enough at the lecture and after. And while they were family, Fali was still feeling her way around the relationship, careful not to step on the goldrider's toes figuratively speaking.

Kassia jumped up from her chair and started pacing. "Go on a walk with me. Can't sit here. Need to keep moving. Talk to me. Tell me what you're thinking. Do you like the gold eggs? Are you happy working for me? How are you doing? These rains are awful, aren't they?"

She looked at the figure of the restles Weyrwoman for a moment, a little taken aback by the flood of questions. She'd never seen her, not like this. But Trifali was game to do whatever she felt was needed. Family was like that, she was learning.

]Turning, she opened the door for Kassia in open invitation. The woman was all but shaking with energy, which seemed to add a presence to her. She seemed larger than the room containing her. It was a little fascinating, and a little scary.

"This way," Kassia said, bouncing a little as she walked. She led the way to the side entrance of the Caverns that led into the Weyr instead of outside into the rain. She giggled a little. "Tell me. Tell me."

Fali's heart beat faster as she thought back to the day she and the others had seen the eggs. She'd been captivated by the caged egg, lost in its complexities. Licking her lips, she took the questions in reverse order, giving herself more time to examine how she felt.

"The rain isn't so bad if you're inside. I'm well, thank you. Working for you is something I like very much, because I'm not only learning from you, I'm spending time with family." She flushed a little and for a moment, ducked her head so that her hair fell forward. Then she straightened, firmly telling herself to discard the old habbit.

"The eggs.... Well, they're beautiful..." she temporized, watching Kassia's swift, almost jerky movements and wondering what could possibly have the Weyrwoman givin off an almost franetic energy. It wasn't necessarally a bad thing, but she felt a little frantic herself with the Weyrwoman all but vibrating beside her.

"Good, good." From the response it wasn't clear whether Kassia had heard a word that Fali had said. She reached around to tug on her braid. "Two gold eggs, what am I going to do? Two gold Weyrlings. Two gold eggs of Foreth's. This is a good thing. It has to be a good thing. A good sign." She turned to Trifali suddenly. "What do you think of the other eggs?"

This she was prepared for. "They're all very unique," she answered honestly. "I believe Foreth did a wonderful job."

She paused for a moment, watching, Kassia's expression. It was as if the Weyrwoman couldn't decide how or what to feel. Impulsively, she reached out a hand and touched Kassia's arm in concern.

"They're all special. Anyone would be proud to lifemate to any of those eggs on the sand. Are you alright?"

The last came out quietly even as they continued to move a few steps, her own energy carrying them further. She could feel the Weyrwoman lmost shivering beneath her hand, quivering like a horse about to bolt.

Kassia jumped like she's been shot with an arrow and then settled a bit. She didn't shove away the hand. Instead she smiled widely again. "Something wrong? Of course not? Why would you think that? I feel great!" She turned back to the front. "I want to dance. We should have a dance! One that doesn't get stopped by something that I can go to...and dance."

"Because you're not acting like yourself," came the softly concerned answer. She wondered, for the first time, if she should get a Healer to check Kassia over. She looked into wild gray eyes so like her own and understood inately that something was amiss. SHe had hoped to speak to her about the egg and her almost visseral response to it and if that meant she was setting up for failure, but she thought in this moment that Kassia needed something that wasn't shiney right now on her mind.

"Maybe we should get some klah, talk about, well, you." Faranth, was she even doing this right?

"I'm telling you I'm feeling great." There was almost a bite to the words now, a flash in her eyes that was gone almost as fast as it came. "Definitely no klah, but we can go sit. If you want. We can talk about anything you want. Forget work. I don't need to do work."

"Let's sit," she agreed, thinking fast. "I just want to help, Kassia, I swear."

Kassia looked around. There were no benches or anything, just a long corridor. "If you want to sit, we can go back. But I don't want go back. I want to move, move, move."

Fali swallowed thickly. She considered her words carefully, watching Kassia's expression as she answered: "They're both unique and beautiful and whom ever Impresses them will be the luckiest girl alive at that moment."

Did she dare elaborate? Ask more of this strange, hyperactive side of Kassia? Did she dare, in fact, to bare her soul just a little and admit that she was partially in love with one of the golden eggs and shouldn't, in her mind, dare to hope, not when her lifemate might be in one of the other shells or not even at this hatching. She bit her lower lip again, a nervous gesture from her childhood.

“Lucky, you think they’d be lucky?” Kassia demanded, turning a steady gaze on the Candidate. “Lucky to have found a lifemate that might try to tear your mind apart to gain control? To have to compete with another gold Weyrling when one is hard enough? To all the duties? To all the problems that baby golds create? To a life of danger just because you’re linked to a shiny? Lucky like that?”

She looked into the older woman's clear gray eyes with her own. Her back was ram-rod straight, her shoulders back. She recognized that somehow, she'd misstepped, but she refused to wilt under that steady gaze, to back down.

                  "Lucky," she repeated, strongly. "We all understood what we were agreeing to when we                    agreed to stand as Candidates for the gold eggs. If I see it as lucky, as well as all the things you just said, then that's my opinion. You did ask what I thought, didn't you?"

Kassia gave a snort. "We'll see if they're lucky." She looked back the way they came and turned around. "I have duties to do. I can't take a walk." She started striding back the way they came.

She would not apologize. Yes, she understood that becoming a goldrider had risks and caviats. But it also meant that she, they, who ever Impressed the twin golds, was lucky. Faranth, anyone who left the grounds partnered come hatching day would be lucky, she added silently as she shadowed Kassia back to her office.

"Can I get you anything?" was what she asked, a little breathlessly, as Kassia and she returned to the office doorway. While she wouldn't apologize, she refused to hold tight to resentment. What ever bothered the Weyrwoman was a kind of thing she, alone, couldn't help her with, she thought.

Kassia made her way around her desk, but remained standing as she started to rifle quickly through the papers on her table. Without looking at Trifali, she said, "Not yet. You can watch the eggs until I need you."

"Understood," Trifali said, regretting that she'd seemingly drivenn a wedge between them. SHe'd fix it, once Kassia was -- well, she assumed -- calmer.

Wordlessly, she turned away now and gazed out over the sands. An egg there, one here, yet another over there. She familiarized herself yet again with every egg. But last, and with an almost painful beat of her heart, she focused on the golden egg that looked as though its occupant was in a cage.

She glanced back at Kassia, sighing softly before returning her focus to the banded and barred gold of the egg. If the woman wanted her help, she would ask. Until then, all Trifali could do was wait.