It's a who now? (DWC 11/5)

Amy Frazey

Zy'fen just stared at the letter laying on the table in front of him. This was the fourth time he'd read it, and he still couldn't quite remember who the woman was. Of course, it had been more than 10 turns since he'd even seen her, and they'd only been together for one flight.

And the news in the letter was a shock. Zy'fen believed Tianmar had been the first child he'd ever fathered. So now he wondered if there were more. He'd been far from celibate, after all.

Nerenth chose that moment to chime in, his voice colored with concern underscored by reassurance. {{Your youngling will need guidance. We will help her, since her mother cannot. It will be well.}}

"Zayna." Zy'fen picked up the letter to read it again, then unfolded the sketch that had been included. The girl certainly had some of his features.