Isn't Arolos meant to mean surprise? {Jaseto, any}


It had now been a couple of sevendays now since Foreth had laid her
eggs and Jaseto would admit she was looking forward to being out of
here. She understood that new dragon eggs were exciting, but well this
seemed like a lot. Though she did understand that it seemed to be
coming from the fact that there were two gold eggs, but apparently
this wasn't the first time there had been two and wasn't this Arolos?

The trader couldn't understand all the fuss. Ok so there was two gold
eggs, but it /had/ happened before and with this being Arolos weird
things were normal. Weren't they?

It was with that on her mind that she made her way to the Dining
Caverns at supper that day grabbing food and settling at a table next
to a couple of people she didn't know. It still felt odd eating in
places like this for so long, but another month and she should be able
to go if all went well with Heart. In the mean time she had to know
"Why is there so much excitement over the eggs?" she questioned her
company "There was another time when there were two golds, wasn't


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