Interrogations JP Kassia/Ma'yen


OOC: This occurs before I Fecked Up.

A short while later Kassia and N’shen were in one of the guard interrogation rooms. Ma’yen was in shackles with two guards on either side and a third guard at the ready. Just the sight of the man’s face made Kassia glad she didn’t have Brogan with her. As it was, she rubbed the hilt of the Silk Dagger longingly.

“Do you know why you’re here, Ma’yen?”

“No. Is this really necessary, Weyrwoman?” M’ayen was pointedly polite, his tone cold even if he looked a little thrown by the shackles. “I don’t know what game you’re playing at but you could just have asked me to come to your office.”

Ardeth was less calm, yanked rather abruptly from his post-coital comfort. ((What happened?)) The normally calm bronze was very much agitated. ((We didn’t do anything!))

Ma’yen’s tone might be cold, but Kassia’s was hot. “We have strong evidence of you abusing your charges, including one in particular who has now gone missing. You can spare your dragon me having Foreth rip the information I need from him by telling me right now or I’ll be forced to put your dragon through it.” 

((Mine needs to talk to Yours,)) Foreth said simply. They might be having a different conversation in a minute though depending on how much Ma’yen cooperated.

N'shen stood silently behind Kassia with his arms folded. He was there to listen and to observe. He would not speak unless spoken to, or if he knew something Kassia needed to know. And he could send that through Truenoth.

Calm as he might be attempting to be, even M’ayen looked a little thrown by that. “You let Ardeth alone!” he said sharply, and that reaction was real, not a pre thought-out protest. “If you want to do.. Whatever this little sharding display of power is to me then fine, but leave Ardeth out of it.”

“I want to know where Garatt is!” Kassia yelled at him. Her voice lowered a few decibels. “And I want a full confession of just what you did to him and anyone else.”

“Garatt?” And this studied innocence was rehearsed. “Had him in my office two hours ago for cheating. Then Ardeth decided to chase a greenflight or I’d have had the documents to Nayari. Why, what’s happened?”

Kassia didn’t buy the innocence. “I’m asking one more time and then I ask Ardeth.”

“I don’t know where the boy is!” M’ayen could say that truthfully enough. “Get a guard to check my office, the documents are there!”

“Then what did you do to him?” Kassia asked. “Why was he terrified of you? Why do I have a class full of Weyrlings angry and terrified of you. TELL ME!” Her anger was rising fast and if the healers were there they probably would have stopped her, but they weren’t and she wasn’t backing down now.

“Weyrwoman.” And again, M’ayen went back to that pointed politeness, as though by being more reasonable he could make her look more unreasonable. “Can I remind you that you ordered a crack-down on poor behaviour by Candidates?” He knew as he said it how inciting it was, and actually leaned slightly as though anticipating an inevitable slap.

Kassia gritted her teeth, but didn’t take the bait. “I didn’t ask for them to be hurt. You’re deflecting. I’ll just go to Foreth...))

“Leave Ardeth alone!” M’ayen raised his voice as though the order would make it so. “He’ll only tell you what I’ve told you!”

“We’ll see.” Kassia’s voice had dropped from angry to cold.

((Foreth...)) She relayed what she wanted.

((Ardeth,)) Foreth called, sending calming feelings toward him even as she fed him all of the images she’d been given before. Then she pushed, gently to start with. ((I need to know everything Yours has done like this and to *this* boy.)) She added the image of Garatt.

((I know that one!)) Difficult for any bronze to disobey compelling. ((He needs punishing a lot. He was cheating, and he helped the one who should not have been near the eggs. He was angry about that.))

“Weyrwoman..” And M’ayen did not like this line of questioning, that much was clear. “I haven’t done anything to deserve this. Leave him alone.”

Kassia ignored him as Foreth filtered the answer through.

((Mine wants to know what Yours did to *him*,)) Foreth pushed. ((How did he punish him?))

And Ardeth was willing, more than willing to take the images from the top of M’ayen’s mind, to show Foreth the cane; the strokes on the hand and the strokes on the rear. No more than that, for M’ayen was himself working hard to forget those moments that punishing had turned to touching and to his mind the ‘punishment’ was those strokes, not the raging and torment that came before...but no less either than the red marks that rose after a severe caning.

Why wouldn’t he be willing? It had never been a problem at Fort.

Kassia’s blood was boiling hotter. “You fecking arse,” she snarled.

She had to be sure though.

((Does Yours know where *this one* is or have any information on where he might be?)) Foreth asked for her.

((He was going to run away.)) Ardeth sounded confused by that, made uncertain by his rider’s certainty. ((I..think?)) 

((Check harder,)) Foreth pushed.

“I don’t know where he is!” And M’ayen was snarling too now, feeling his dragon’s obedient rummaging. “I told you!”

((He doesn’t,)) Ardeth confirmed. ((Except not in the Weyr. Or at home.))

((Fine.)) Foreth released the compulsion.

“Ma’yen, I order you to be held pending further punishment for abuse of a Candidate,” Kassia said, ready to be done with the disgusting man. 

M’ayen glared at her, unrepentant. “If I had found who else had helped him onto the Sands you would have thanked me,” he predicted, apparently certain of that.

“Not the way you chose to do it,” Kassia growled. “There are ways to do things around here and caning Candidates isn’t one of them.” The next words came out louder with each one. “This isn’t Fort!

“He helped someone get on the Sands who you had banned!” It felt like justification to M’ayen. Even if a whole lot of stuff had come before that it felt like justification. “I was helping you!”

“You’re full of dragon shit,” Kassia snapped. Her hand tightened on the Silk Dagger wistfully. “You know you weren’t helping me. You were serving yourself. If you thought you had any information, you would have passed it to me and you wouldn’t have had to use violence to get it.”

“Ask Ardeth that then!” M’ayen would have snarled it in her face had he had the ability. The guards’ grip on him tightened. “Ask him if I was trying to get the information for you! Or are you just going to give the sharding orders and then pretend you have nothing to do with the results?!”

Kassia took a minute to work her energy back down. Her next words were forced through clenched teeth. “I thought I’d made it clear that abuse would not be tolerated. Apparently what you heard was that it’s okay so long as it’s only one fecking Candidate.”

“You asked that the Candidates be brought back into line due to poor behaviour!” M’ayen was more than capable of returning her anger full-force; no repentant meekness here. “What did you want us to do, talk to them sternly and send them to bed early?”

“For you not to take advantage of my words and give detentions every time someone wiggled in their chair! For you not to make anyone a victim! Abuse is not punishment! And Arolos has never allowed physical punishment like that of Candidates. Ever.” Her words were rising again. “I fecking left Fort and Will. Not. Bring. It. Here.”

“This from the Weyrwoman who not ten minutes ago was threatening to rip information from my dragon?” M’ayen went to fold his arms, reminded only when he tried that he was shackled. “Keep telling yourself that, Weyrwoman. Deny it all you like, you asked for this!”

“Forget it. You can’t rationalize with a man who is a Fortian through and through.” Kassia spun about and gestured for N’shen. She called over her shoulder, “Guards take him to a cell.” She turned back and headed for the door.

N'shen glared at M'ayen for one long moment and then turned to follow Kassia. This was not his business, but oh, how he wished it was. He had seen to keeping Kassia safe, and now he would let the others take care of the rest.