I Have to Get to Her JP Kassia/Bl'lin


Kassia didn’t remember much of being transported from the Caverns to the Infirmary except for pain. They’d given her something to try to deaden the pain, but it did little to help when they re-set her arm. She’d refused to be put out entirely and risk panicking Foreth further, but the world went very close to black as they shifted her arm bone back into place. Vaguely she heard the first set of keens, but she wasn’t quite with it enough to react.

When the number of healers finally withdrew, she laid there, fighting back to full consciousness. Anything to keep Foreth from panicking further. Foreth had tightened her own walls and Kassia’s head hurt too badly to fight with her. The light when she opened her eyes only made her head hurt further. All in all, she felt achy all over, enough that she knew that if she didn’t have the pain herbs she’d feel even worse.

“Sleep, Kass.” It had taken a while for B’lin to be allowed next to her bed, but he was there now, trying to keep out of his voice just how bad she looked. He’d have held her hand if her arm had looked less frighteningly bad. “Healers said you need to sleep.”

She started to open her eyes and immediately shut them again. She shook her head against the pillow and regretted that as well. “Can’t,” she said. “Foreth...have to stay awake for Foreth.” She’d been conscious enough when Foreth panicked at her injuries that she didn’t want to sleep.

“Foreth is settled. Talith and Truenoth are with her.” That much B’lin knew, even if no-one else was getting past the entrance. 

“She’s still...upset.” Kassia gripped the sheets under her hard with her good hand. “Why is she upset? She won’t tell me.” Foreth was trying to protect her, but Kassia didn’t know from what. And he could say that the Queen was settled, but Kassia could tell she wasn’t. With Talith and Truenoth or not.

“Ah, Kass.” He’d thought she knew; somehow he’d assumed that much had leaked through from Foreth. B’lin hesitated, and then reached over the bed. “Give me your hand.”

Kassia lifted her hand for him to take. She forced her eyes open to look at him. Inside her chest her heart sped. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. “Tell me.” Despite her she felt, she managed to get something akin to her Weyrwoman commanding voice into it. Some things were hard to get rid of.

“Some of the eggs,” B’lin said gently, his hand closing around hers. “The golds are safe I’ve heard but some of the others -- they got broken.”

Not again. Memories from the past flooded her mind and she was glad that the connection between her and her lifemate was mostly shut. Foreth didn’t need those memories. At least it wasn’t a gold egg. She squeezed his hand, but there was a weakness to it.

“More eggs...gone...” she breathed, tears squeezing at her eyes as everything began to overwhelm her.

Foreth’s feelings were suddenly flooding through even with their connection closed off.

“What...what’s she doi...”

The keening began and this time Kassia was aware of them. Even across the Weyr she could hear her lifemate’s agonizing keen.

Kassia sat up straight and then half screamed as she jostled her arm, the world spinning. 

“I’ve...she’s going...I’ve got to get...” She wasn’t even making sense as she tried to process.

“You can’t go anywhere, Kass.” B’lin tried to steady her helplessly, not sure where it would even be safe to touch her that wouldn’t hurt but worried she’d flop back and hurt herself again. He settled for a hand behind her back and one on her side. “Call her here.”

“I can....can’t,” she gasped and started to struggle as she felt Foreth blank out a moment and then come back from ~between~. The keening continued, but was quieter.

((Love...the eggs...)) Kassia tried, settling a little but tears streamed down her face.

((I took them between,)) Foreth answered in a very flat tone that she used as a mask when she was trying to pretend nothing bothered her even as the keening was only just ending. ((You need to stay and get better. I need to watch my gold eggs.))

((I have to make sure you’re okay,)) Kassia said, tears coming harder.

((You need to get better, Mine. Stop hurting yourself.)) The words were harsh, but there was a softer edge that said that she did care. The next words were softer. ((Be strong.))

“She’s...with  her eggs,” Kassia said out loud, starting to sag.

“Lie down.” B’lin’s hands were gentle, trying to guide her down. “I’ll talk to K’ren. Maybe he can have you moved to a closer room.”

Kassia reluctantly let him help her back. Everything hurt more from all the movement. She silent tears continued to fall.

“I should have been there,” she said softly. She clutched for his hand again. “She shouldn’t have had to go through that alone.”

“Kass. You’re injured.” B’lin tried to be sensible and reasonable as though that would override the instinct in any rider to go to their hurt dragon. “It would not help Foreth if you d-- If you got worse.”

Kassia’s headache had worsened for her efforts. Still, she’d be up and across the Weyr if she could. Deep down she knew that she’d never make it. At least not that night. That still didn’t take away the desire to be with Foreth after everything.

For a few long moments she was quiet as she fought against her tears. When they’d slowed, she asked, “What about the other dragons? Are they okay?” Kassia was guessing not since R’tal hadn’t stopped in, or maybe she was misjudging time.

“R’tal said minor injuries, but they don’t want to leave the eggs.” Privately B’lin wasn’t sure how true that was. He’d been sitting waiting to see Kassia long enough to notice serious-faced DragonHealers coming and going. Still, it was the truth he had right now.

“Can’t...expect them to,” she admitted. Still, she would have felt better with a report directly from R’tal. She wondered, too, how serious those injuries were but had no way of knowing unless R’tal or N’shen came to report. “But no one...died.” Thank Faranth for small favors.

“Only the eggs,” B’lin said heavily. “Just those.” WeyrlingMasters tended to count unhatched eggs already as part of their next brood. “Otherwise, you got the worst of it.”

“Yes, the eggs.” Kassia was trying to forget those. She was privately glad she hadn’t been conscious enough to see them. She’d seen enough eggs crushed in her lifetime. The last thing she needed (well, one of the many last things) was to have nightmares over lost Hatchlings. 

She sighed. The whole ordeal had left her very tired. “Can you get someone to bring me something to sleep now? I think Foreth will be fine now. And then stay until I’m asleep?”

“I’m not going anywhere.” At least not until they made him. B’lin reached to squeeze her hand lightly again before he got up to go find a Healer. At least if she rested maybe it would help.