Here's Your Daughter JP Kassia/B'lin


It was the day after Kassia had given birth. She’d taken some time to catch her breath and spend some time with her newborns and her mates, but there were more people who needed to come and see the babies. First in line was her lover, B’lin.

((Quelenth, Yours is to see Mine in the Infirmary,)) Foreth passed on with a huff. Not everyone was happy at the arrival of the twin girls.

((He comes!)) Quelenth’s reply was prompt. ((Is she well? Is the hatchling well?))

((Mine is well. The Hatchlings are well.)) Both responses were grudging. ((They take too long to be big enough to help wash me. Why are they so useless compared to my Hatchlings?))

((Because their heads are too big for walking.)) It was a confused answer, plucked randomly out of his rider’s head. ((There is more than one? I didn’t think they did Clutches.))

Foreth gave a mental shrug. ((Mine shows me two through her eyes,)) she said. There was a suggestion of ‘two more to take her rider’s attention’ to her answer. ((Mine swears they are cute. I think they are pink and funny looking. And so small.))

((They would look funny in any other colour,)) Quelenth observed. ((Oh. He is there. He is asking a Healer where to go.))

((Tell him to look for where all the guards are,)) Foreth said. ((They added extra.)) This time she sounded relieved.

As Foreth had said, Kassia was in a private room waiting with a female guard in the room and extra guards on the outside.

“Quelenth said there are two?” B’lin greeted her as he stepped through the door, only keeping to a regular walking pace because the guards might have reacted if he ran in.

Kassia looked up. She was sitting in a chair holding one of the girls. The other girl laid in a crib next to her. She smiled as she saw him.

“Twins,” she confirmed softly. “I swear this one has your nose.”

“Really?” His face lit with hope at that because no, despite what she’d said B’lin had been fighting the idea that they might be his. “May I hold one of them?”

“See for yourself,” she told him as she moved to her feet and held out the one in her arms. “This one is Kaslinne.”

He had no children of his own but he’d had enough times helping Kassia to take the baby confidently if carefully. “Oh. Oh, hello, Kaslinne,” he murmured, sounding slightly stunned.

Kass smiled, watching his face. “I know we’ll probably never know for sure, but she’s yours as far as I’m concerned.”

Kaslinne opened her eyes and stared up at him with the blue eyes most babies were born with. Time would tell if they would change to the brown of B’lin or the more chocolatey color of N’shen.

“And the other one?” B’lin didn’t put Kaslinne down but craned his neck to peer into the crib. 

Kassia looked over as she sat back down. “That one has a mark very similar to one M’gal does,” she said. “Her name is Shargalia after Sh’ain, too, though. Do you know how hard it is to mash up three different names?”

B’lin laughed but very quietly so as not to disturb the babies. “But-- I mean it has to be one of us, doesn’t it?” Surely whoever had fathered them had fathered them both.

“Do we know that for sure?” Kassia asked with a grin. “We just had a dragon clutch that had two daddies. Why can’t my babies have two daddies?”

“Or indeed five daddies. All the daddies.” B’lin cooed it at Kaslinne, his voice gentle. “They’re very tiny. Are the Healers happy with them?” he asked anxiously.

“They’ll be loved,” Kassia said, leaning over to pick up Shar. “The healers are keeping an eye on them, but they seemed pretty happy considering there are two of them. I’ve got milk mothers lined up already. I haven’t seen R’tal yet, but I’m sure he’ll be champing for me to get back to work.”

“Do you want me to talk to him for you?” B’lin asked very seriously, as though Kassia wasn’t more than capable of standing up for herself. “Tell him you should be resting?”

Kassia smiled at that. “No, I think I can handle it myself. I’ll be ready to get back soon myself anyway, but I appreciate the concern. “Wygelle had her twins with her when she was Weyrwoman in the converted file room. I decided I’m going to do the same thing. I already have it all set up. I’ll just need to work with the milk mothers.”

“Well, if there’s anything I can do to help.” B’lin smiled down at Kaslinne tenderly.

“Help me bathe Foreth?” Kass said immediately. “I’m sick of her breaking Candidate arms. You’re less likely to get careless.”

He laughed. “And she actually listens sometimes when I tell her off,” he agreed. “Yes, I can do that.”

“She does at that,” Kassia agreed. “Though good luck with her right now. She’s likely to be in a snit. She’s mad to be sharing me again.”

“Well, maybe I can take the babies out sometimes so she can have you all to herself,” B’lin said, although the truth was there were two milkmothers who could do just that. “I’m assuming you’re going to have guards who follow the babies.”

“You’re welcome to take out the babies any time you want,” Kassia told him. She set down Shargalia and then held her arms out for Kaslinne. “Figured you’d want to hold the other one for a bit. And they’re definitely getting guards. Nothing is going to happen to my babies.”

B’lin carefully swapped and smiled down at a second baby. “Hello there, young lady. Twelve turns and you’ll be Standing.”

“Twelve turns? Do you know how old we’ll be by then?” Kassia said giving him a poke with her free hand. “I’ll be too old to be having another round of girls risking becoming gold riders.”

“Sooner or later it’s going to be one of them. Might as well be this one,” B’lin commented. “Besides, that way by the time she’s ready to take over you’ll be ready to retire.”

“It’ll have to be a Foreth baby,” Kassia said, staring down at the girl in B’lin’s arms. “She’s slowly taking over the world with her hatchlings. She needs to be able to continue her reign here. May as well be with one of my girls. But me retire? I’m not sure I’m capable. They may have to tie me down to keep me away from paperwork.”

“I think you’ve got a good twenty five to thirty turns before she’ll be ready. By then you might be ready for a bit of a rest,” B’lin said. “Besides, imagine decades at a time without needing to be at the Sands.”

“Now there’s a dream,” Kassia said, reaching out to run her fingers gently over her daughter’s head. “I should probably get R’tal and N’shen in here, but feel free to stop in later this evening or tomorrow.”

“I will. Call through Quelenth if you need me to bring you anything,” B’lin stood up, moving to gently set Shargalia back in the crib.

“I will.” She waited for him to set the baby girl down before she pulled him in for a brief kiss. “Thank you for coming. I’ll see you soon.”

“Make sure you take time to rest,” B’lin cautioned, peeking down one last time at Kaslinne in her arms. “I’ll see you later.”