Hatching - Wings of Vengeance #HatchingForeth2020


The poor Feathered Fury egg sat all by its lonesome in comparison to the other eggs. When the sires had wrangled their eggs, the Featured Fury egg hadn’t been overlooked, but with their lack of sight, it had ended up as far from the rest of the eggs as possible. There was little warning before the egg gave a great rock and then the dragon inside seemed to burst out of it with a shrill baby shriek that echoed through the Caverns.

((I am free!)) said one of the more ugly- colored greens to ever come from an egg.

In a shadowed corner of the Clutch, the Winged Vengeance egg rocked unobtrusively until it shattered. Only those with good eyes would have seen the egg Hatch, since the glow light didn’t reach to those shadows. 

Something moved across the shadowy sands until it reached the light. Then it sat up, blinked, and looked around. Even in the light it was hard to see the dragon attached to the gleaming eyes. 

{{Shards, it’s bright here,}} said the hatchling. A flicker of glows reached her hide, showing a tint of green. She studied the sands, seeing the white-robed Candidates, more eggs, and the two bronze dragons acting as guards.

{{I have arrived,}} she said, then saw the other Hatchling. {{Who are you? You seem friendly enough. I’m Erinyeth.}}

((Aelloth,)) the green off by her own said. She stepped out of her shell and gave another squawk as she shook herself off. The step forward took her directly into a halo of light from the back of the Caverns. More light didn’t improve her looks any. ((What are we supposed to be doing here anyway? I was all comfortable in there.))

{{I think we’re supposed to find something.}} Erinyeth rustled her own wings, which were as dark as the rest of her. This knocked her off balance and she sat.

{{Wrongdoers. We’re supposed to find wrongdoers, and drag them into the shadows, where they shall stay forever.}} She nodded to herself, though that didn’t sound quite right either. 

Erinyeth arose and began to search the sands, coming closer to Aelloth. {{Do you know what a wrongdoer is, though? I’m not sure.}}

Aelloth considered for a moment.((Yes, wrongdoers,)) she agreed. Whatever they were, she liked the word. She looked around. A large bug was bravely skittering across the Sands. She pointed with a claw, ((That looks like one!)) And then she pounced after it.

{{Perfect! Wrongdoers must be destroyed!}} A relative of the bug skittered the other way and Erinyeth slapped her paw on it. Baby dragons may be small next to adult dragons, but they’re still larger than bugs, no matter how brave they are. She lifted her paw and the bug lay squished and flattened on the sand. But bug goo was also on her.

{{Yuck. Wrongdoers are messy,}} she said, wrinkling her little dragon nose. She scraped her paw on the sands, cleaning it. 

Aelloth missed and screeched in frustration. She made another jump and managed this time to bring her claw down on the bug in a cage reminiscent of the cage around that Candidate that their sire had captured a few sevendays before.

((Look!)) Her ‘happy’ screech wasn’t much different than her ‘frustrated screech’. By now it was a wonder no one had gone deaf. ((I caught him! I caught him!))

{{Wonderful!}} Erinyeth said, running over to her sister. {{You’re so smart, making a cage like that. All I got was wrongdoer slime on my paw.}} She held it out in front of her, but by now it had been cleaned off. She realized that now they had a conundrum.

{{What should we do with it?}} she asked.

((What? Oh?)) Aelloth lowered her head so that she could look through her caged paw with one eye. The big skittered back and forth between the “bars”. ((I...uh...we need to....)) She looked around and spotted the mound and hole that had been built by Fogryth and Cheironth. ((I think we put it in that hole over there and then cover it up so it can’t get out.))

Erinyeth studied the bug as carefully as Aelloth had.  {{Yes. That’s a good idea. Wrongdoers should be put in a prison.}}  But now came the problem of getting the bug over to the hole. 

{{We need to carry it over there. Maybe you put your other paw underneath to hold it in place? Or can you carry it with one hand?}} She’d totally messed up her own wrongdoer, so now she had to live the punishment vicariously.

Aelloth tried grabbing the bug in her paw, but it wiggled away between her claws. ((No you don’t!)) She hurried to trap it again and this time tried to hold it between both paws only she found she had a problem when she tried to walk. She tried walking with her two forepaws linked together as she put them down, but it was too awkward.

((What if I put it in my mouth?)) She pushed her paw against her mouth and put the bug inside only to reflexively swallow. ((Ooops, that was tickly. I think we need another wrongdoer now.))

{{Well, you got it into a hole, just the wrong one,}} Erinyeth said pragmatically.  {{Good save.}}  She glanced around and saw something move by some of the already-hatched eggshells.  {{There!}} She ran over, unfurling her wings. For a moment she was the Winged Vengeance as she jumped and pounced on something, wings making a light snapping sound. 

{{Look! A big wrongdoer! And there may be more,}} she cried, elated, holding up a hissing, wriggling, very angry tunnelsnake. It lunged at her and she dropped it. 

Ooo, that looked fun! Aelloth tried opening her wings as she ran. There was something that seemed familiar about it and she enjoyed the wind rushing by as she ran as fast as her baby body would allow. She slammed to a stop, nearly going end over end as the tunnelsnake lunged and collapsed onto the sand with a pained squeal.

((Bad wrongdoer! Bad! Bad!)) she screeched at it while it turned to try to wiggle away.

This tunnelsnake was larger than the ones Euryath and Basilith had found. Maybe it was the mother, maybe just an older snake. But it wasn’t liking being flung around by dragons. It reared up and hissed again at both Aelloth and Erinyeth, then tried to run towards the shadows.

Unfortunately for the snake, Erinyeth could see just fine in the shadows and pounced on it again. This time, through luck or basic instinct, she caught it right behind the head so it couldn’t bite her, and lifted it up. Now the tail lashed at her.

{{A little help here?}}

((Uh, what do you want me to do with it?)) Aelloth asked doubtfully. She kept a good few feet between her and the angry animal. ((Back in the hole? Maybe?))

The tunnelsnake’s tail was beating at Erinyeth hard, and she was in jeopardy of losing hold. {{Yeah, grab its tail. Stupid wrongdoer hurts when it hits.}} But before Aelloth could get close enough to help the tunnelsnake hit the dark green dragon hard enough for her to drop it. It may have been angry enough to bite her, but self preservation had it scampering away over the sands. She watched it run off sadly.

{{Keep running, little wrongdoer. Someday I’ll catch you,}} she said. {{Now to find more wrongdoers.  How about over there?}} She pointed at where the candidates stood. 

((Good riddance,)) Aelloth screeched triumphantly after the retreating snake.

She turned to look at the indicated Candidates. ((I don’t know if there are wrongdoers there or not, but we do need more help. Maybe someone around can help us. Let’s go look.))

{{Sounds good to me.}} Erinyeth walked over to the Candidates, wondering why they were all in white. They should probably wear something darker--white would show up too well in the shadows. 

She went towards one and asked, {{Can you help me find a wrongdoer?}} but they didn’t answer. Shrugging, she walked up to another, then another.

{{Some of these don’t seem to be that bright,}} she grumbled to Aelloth.

((Maybe they’re wrongdoers,)) Aelloth suggested. She walked up to the nearest Candidate and reared up to sniff at him. Normally the faint points of scratching where her claws connected underneath the thin fabric might not have been that scary, but after that kid was mauled at the beginning, the boy screamed and fell back. Aelloth screeched and pulled back in return.

((I found one! I found a wrongdoer! ~~Miacca~~! Help me capture this wrong doer!)) She stood there half over the poor victim Canddiate’s legs and wagged her body happily.

{{Lucky,}} Erinyeth said, still searching. Something in the back of the crowd pulled  to her and she went rushing through the Candidates, wings spread again. Most of the Candidates stepped back, cautious, but one wasn’t paying attention.

{{Aeolloth! I found another helper! ~~Berlan~~ will you help us catch wrongdoers?}} she said. {{It’s so much fun!}}

Dragonet - Erinyeth: Erinyeth is a dark, forest green and in places even darker. She is easily missed in the night, for she blends in with the shadows. But when the sun shines down on her you will see the green in her hide.

She has no room in her life for liars, cheaters, or those who would kill, well, anything. Her rider had best walk the straight and narrow, because otherwise she will chastise them until they have made things right.

This is one dragon that can easily come close to killing a human if she catches them on the wrong side of the law. She will put the fear of Dragondom into them, however.

Dragonet - Aelloth: Aelloth is, to be honest, not a good-looking dragon. She starts off olive green, then there are brushstrokes, similar to the egg, of mustard yellow and dry-dirt brown. Her head is a little too narrow, her wings a little too thin.

But she can fly! Boy can she fly. She will be one of the fastest, quickest, most nimble dragons in the air, and that is where you will see her true beauty. She will be great, placed at the rear for cleanup because she will be able to sear almost every clump her wingmates miss.

It is a labor of love to learn to like Aelloth. She's abrasive in her speech, and really doesn't like too many people. But once she does like someone, she is their friend for life.