Hatching - Searching the Night #HatchingForeth2020


The Misty Depths egg sat in the Sands, quiet. Then, suddenly, a pretty green dragonet, the exact same color of the egg, poked her head out of one of the deeper puddles left by the most recent storm.

{{Ahhh, that feels better,}} she said, trying to clamber out.  But the puddle was deep and she kept slipping off the sides. {{Until it doesn’t!}} She kicked at the side of the puddle, splashing some water out onto another egg.

Nearby, the Music in the Water egg wiggled back and forth making the watery facade look like rain pouring down. Unlike other places where the explosion had left holes for the water from the Caverns explosion to let rain sneak through, there was no puddle at the base of the egg. After a moment a small hole opened in the side and then delicate looking forepaws reached out of the hole to pull it open. A head emerged next and then the egg broke entirely and out came a feminine looking dragon, but he was blue instead of green.

((Helllo world, nice to meet you,)) he said, spreading his wings in welcome as if he wasn’t the one to be the new arrival. He crooned, a beautiful trilling and melodious sound.

{{Hello,}} the green said, almost invisible in the water. She scrabbled again at the edge of the hole, and this time was able to make footholds on it. Clambering out, she shook herself and water droplets went flying. She looked around until she found the dragon who had spoken.

{{Hey, you’re a real cutie-pie,}} she said, flowing over the Sands to greet him. {{I think we can be good friends.}}

((I’d love to be your friend,)) he crooned back. ((Will you come play with me?)) He walked up to her and nuzzled her. Pulling back, he looked around for a place to play. He spotted a different hole of water nearby. This one was bigger and full of rain runoff. ((Let’s play there.))

Without waiting, he sauntered, tail flicking as he headed to the fun play spot.

{{Okay!}} she said and followed. He’d gotten a bit ahead of her, but she hurried to catch up.  {{I was in one of these,}} she said. {{It was nice, but hard to get out. I’m sure a big strong boy like you will be able to get us out of this one.}}

She jumped in, making a splash. Her tail didn’t quite follow her in and she studied it, as if she’d never seen it before.  Well, maybe she hadn’t. She flicked it a little, then flicked again so it landed close to the blue. {{Come on in, the water’s nice,}} she said as she wrapped her tail around his legs, trying to pull him in. She just wasn’t quite strong enough to.

Nireseth preened a bit. ((I bet I could,)) he said. ((I’d do anything for you. Will you show me how to play in this...wa...water? You seem to know so much about it.)) The tail flicked in front of his face and he tried to grab at it with a forepaw.

{{Of course. It’s cool, and wet, and wonderful, and we should live here forever.}} If dragons smiled, she would be positively beaming now. She wiggled the tip of her tail, pulling it closer to the water for Niriseth to follow.  {{I was born in water.}} She ducked down and did a somersault, and came up sputtering.

{{But you have to hold your breath if you go under,}} she cautioned.

Nireseth was distracted from her tail as it disappeared under the water and then she came back up. The somersault looked so fun!

((Like this?)) he said, and then attempted to follow her lead. He didn’t manage to coordinate holding his breath before he went under and came up sputtering instead. As soon as he could breathe again, he bugled another melodious note. If he could have laughed, he would have. ((That was fun! Show me more, oh beautiful one.))

Rusalth dove under and circled Nireseth, twining her tail around him. Then she tried to dive deeper, but it was, after all, a slightly larger puddle so it wasn’t deep enough. Instead, she jumped up with her wings spread, and splashed at him. {{This is the best. The others are missing out.}} She didn’t know how she knew there were others; possibly the residual mind voices from the eggs. Plus, she saw a couple others in the distance.

{{But I think we’re doing fine on our own. We don’t need any others.}} Suddenly, she wasn’t sure she wanted to share him with the rest of the Clutch.  {{Your voice is pretty. You need to make more sounds.}}

((We can work together,)) Nireseth said, splashing her back. ((We will conquer this water and do it together.)) He bugled again, that beautiful, oddly enticing sound. ((Come show the water who it shall call in charge.))

{{Yes! We own the water! We are in charge!}} She flapped her wings again, splashing more water out of the hole.  {{Hey, where’s all the water going?}} she said. The level was drastically lower than it had been a few splashes ago. But there were things at the bottom. She dove/reached down and came up with a pretty pebble.

{{For you, kind sir,}} she said, holding it out. Wet, the pebble was pretty. 

((Why thank you, m’lady,)) Nireseth said, spreading his wing and dipping his head like a bow. He took the pebble and set it between his legs. Looking around and momentarily forgetting the water, he noticed a piece of eggshell that was blue. He carefully grabbed it and returned it to Rusalth. ((And this one is for you.))

Rusalth took it reverently. {{This is beautiful,}} she said. {{I want to wear it around my neck.}} She sat back and looked pensive. {{That image came from somewhere. Where did it come from? Do you feel anything?}} There was something odd going on, and it had to do with the dry land. She held the eggshell carefully and tried to climb out of the hole. 

{{And this is where I have problems,}} she said angrily. {{The water is our friend. Until it isn’t. And tries to keep us here.}}

((The water calls to me, but there’s something...something I need.)) Nireseth arched his neck elegantly as he looked around. He spotted the Candidates in their white robes. He clutched his pebble. ((I want to show this to...someone. I feel something pull more than the water. It sings to me.))

{{Singing is good. Maybe if you sing, you can bring it to you?}} Rusalth tried to sing, but her voice wasn’t anywhere near as beautiful as his. She was more tactile. {{Come on, let’s get out of here. Give me a push, and I’ll help pull you out.}} She tried finding toe holds like she had before, but the hole filled up as fast as she made them. 

{{Whatever you are calling me, I’m coming,}} she said. {{But you have to be nice to Nireseth too. He’s my boyfriend.}}  Well. He was a boy. And he was her friend. Right?

((I will help!)) Nireseth was happy to get behind her to try to push her. He strained until she could pull herself the rest of the way over the end and onto dry land. ((Where shall we look for...for...whatever? What shall I sing to?))

Rusalth wiggled her hindquarters happily, once she was out, then turned and gave Nireseth a paw so he could get up.  {{I don’t know...I think, over there?}} She heard a buzzing from the white things over to the side. The other way was just more eggs. Bo-oring. She was already out of hers. 

Something was going on above them, too, but she didn’t think she wanted to be up there. It didn’t feel right.  She nodded.  {{That way,}} she said, pointing at the Candidates.

Nireseth looked up, too and then shook himself off sending water everywhere. Something was calling for him up there, but if Rusalth said to go to the white things, then she must be right. She had Hatched before him, after all. He followed behind, crooning a beautiful song. ((Maybe my song will bring what I’m looking for.))

{{I know that your song will bring me, always,}} said Rusalth.  She headed towards the white things, but the call got fainter.  She was wrong. She stamped her foot.

{{Mine isn’t over here,}} she said petulantly.  {{Is yours?}}

Nireseth looked around. Whatever was calling to him wasn’t there. ((No. Not over here.)) He turned a circle. ((I...I think that way...)) He pointed with a claw towards the side and up.

It was the other side of the cavern, but when she leaned towards it, the pull was stronger. {{Yes! You’re right! Handsome and smart. What a glorious combination!}} 

Rusalth went the way Nireseth pointed, her tail undulating behind her. She looked back, liking the trail it left in the sand. Maybe she could draw a, she needed to find out what was calling her, first. {{How do we go up?}} she asked.

((Maybe we could fly,)) Nireseth suggested, puffing his chest out. He hunkered down and tried to flap his newborn wings, but they barely fluttered. He deflated. ((I guess not. Let’s go try to find a way up.))

{{Okay,}} Rusalth said agreeably, but she was starting to feel weird. Something she couldn’t put a finger on, but it made her insides shaky.

<<panic>> a little voice inside her said. She didn’t know where the word had come from, but it didn’t sound good.  {{How are you feeling?}} she asked as she trotted along next to the wall. Whatever she was looking for was right above her. She jumped and tried flapping her wings, but, no, she had as much luck as Nireseth. 

She snuggled up next to him. {{I don’t think we’ll ever find them,}} she said plaintively.

((We’ll find a way,)) Nireseth crooned. He lifted one of his wings to drape across her slightly smaller body. ((Let’s keep going this way.))

Suddenly a tall two-legged thing stepped out and started making gesturing motions at them, blocking their way. 

“Not this way,” the AWLM said. “Go back to the Candidates in white.”

Rusalth sat back, almost on Nireseth’s wing, startled.  {{No!}} she said, then, if a dragon could look crafty, she did. {{You don’t want to make me stop, do you?}} she asked twining herself around him. {{You know that ours are up high, not back there.}} She snorted derisively, breaking any spell she could have hoped to have on him. 

{{Drat. Nireseth, sing to him.}}

The AWLM couldn’t hear her. He just knew that suddenly he had a baby dragon very close to him and that was BAD. After that boy had been attacked, he didn’t want to risk her ire. He stood stock still while she moved around him.

((I’ll sing to distract him, then run,)) Nireseth said and he opened his mouth to bugle again, right in the man’s face.

Problem was, she didn’t know where to run. The opening they sought wasn’t making itself clear. But the call she was feeling was moving, and she ran, moving along with it. She knew it was there, but couldn’t reach it. 

A thought came to her of a figure prone on the sand, hitting the ground with its hands and feet. That didn’t seem to be very helpful, but she wondered if it would make her feel better, so she tried it.

All she got for the effort was sand in her mouth, so she got back up again. The call wasn’t coming from anywhere near the white things. Something the man had called Candidates. She tasted the word in her mind. It sounded right, but none of them were the Candidate she wanted.

((This way!)) Nireseth took off past the man. He was obviously trying to keep him from his goal. Whatever that was. He sprinted across the Sands and an opening came into sight. He ran through it and quickly came to stairs, only they were narrow and steep and not meant for dragon paws. He tried climbing, but only slid back down.

His was up there. He had to get to her. ((SHALIA! Come to me.)) Even his desperate bugle was beautiful to hear if desperate.

{{What did you find?}} Rusalth cried, running towards him. She saw the opening, and the narrow stairs. {{Let me try!}} she said, and tried to get up them. But she had as much luck as he did.

{{Why are you calling...oh, Shalia’s yours.  Mine’s Kashara.  KASHARA, where are you?}} she called, scrabbling at the steps when he wasn’t. She looked back at the mean man who tried to keep them from Theirs.  She hoped he wasn’t going to try and pull her back.


Dragonet - Nireseth: The reality is, there is a decidedly feminine quality to Nireseth, from his delicate refinement to his gentle mind-voice. And yet... it's impossible to imagine him being any other way. Slim and well defined, each angle seeming to be carefully measured and set in place. He'll never be a bulky and muscular blue, rather something much more elegant and refined looking although he shall eventually grow up to be one of the largest blues in the Weyr. And people will look, as though they can't tear their eyes away from him.

A vivid and bright shade of blue, as blue as the tropical seas in the middle of summer, Nireseth seems to thrum with vibrancy with dashes of darker shades across his wings and shoulders. His most exceptional physical feature will be the peculiar markings on his hind legs and tail, a myriad of darker blues that look for all the world as though someone has painted feathers over him.

There are two words to describe Nireseth to a "T". Sensual and seductive. He is charming to a fault, oozing a quiet and confident allure that draws dragons and human alike to him. They just can't help themselves. And he *likes* drawing them to him. Those he wins in flight (and he will *like* to fly whenever he can) will find themselves with a tactile and attentive companion for days after and those he calls friends will find themselves groomed and nurtured like nobody else seems to know how to do.

He has a way with words to be sure but his vocal calls will have a definite melodious quality to them, rich and emotive. He will have the distinct ability to be able to convey a thousand emotions in just one bugle, one croon with an intoxicating voice that seems to soar above the rest.

Dragonet - Rusalth: Rusalth almost seems to swim out of her egg, and stands on her own four feet immediately. Once she hatches, people will be amazed at the integrity of the egg--because the inside is the same color scheme as the outside, it doesn't look broken at all. But, after the Hatching, depending upon the hatchlings' actions, it may or may not still be there.

Rusalth will be there, and once she finds her lifemate she will move all the Sands in the Cavern to get to them. The link will be a strong one and almost immediate once she figures out who it is. And they need to be strong, too, because she will be a green to rise more often than not. Especially in the summer months. A few sevendays before the summer solstice, she will be especially randy, and her flight will be as long and hard as a young queen's. And it won't be unheard of for her to rise twice in that sevenday.

She's a misty-green color, much like her egg. Her hide has light and dark patterns that will shipper in the sunlight, and if you take her to some of the ponds around Arolos, she'll seem to disappear in them, her coloring is so close to the water. Her tail is longer than most, and she's sleek and lithe, able to slide quickly through the air. It wouldn't be amiss to bet on her during dragon races.