Hatching Feast - Such As It Is atten: Rennitz, any #HatchingForeth2020


Getting Basilith to the wallows after feeding time had been an ordeal. The willful blue had wanted nothing more than to plop down asleep where he was after eating and Rennitz had to work hard to convince him that a wallow would be much more comfortable for him. She'd had to project the sensation of falling asleep in a warm bed to her blue until he was curious enough to take the bait and go, walking with Rennitz until they arrived at the barracks and wallows. After being briefed by the WLM posted there, the new bluepair went to explore the wallows designated for their class.

"Okay, Basilith, pick one of these that you like the most."

{{These are nothing like you pictured,}} Basilith groused. {{No blankets, no pillows, and it doesn't look soft at all. No, this won't do!}}

Rennitz sighed and rubbed her neck. She was exhausted and so was he, and she wondered with a bit of desperation if they would be called to muster with the other two classes in the morning.

Faranth, she hoped not.

"Just try it out, for me if nothing else?" That convinced the blue to climb up on a wallow designated for a blue and curl up. Almost immediately, he closed his eyes and drifted off with little hisses as he exhaled. Rennitz sighed and quickly changed into the weyrling uniform left there for her and went down to the breakfast waiting. She looked around to see if any would be there to congratulate her or even speak with her before getting klah.
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