Hatching Feast: So what now...? {Rolan, B'lan - SA}


Berlan couldn't believe it.It seemed like just yesterday he was
working so hard to try and get himself into a healthy shape so the
healers would clear him for what he wanted and now he had a dragon. He
couldn't believe it had really happened! He had had to stare at
Erinyeth for several moments before finally he was able to convince
himself to go to the feast. He had considered not going, but he knew
his Papa would find a way to be there and maybe if he was lucky he
could say good bye to Mi'night too and get Papa to watch Paint.

The boy ran his hands over his clothes as he walked the wrinkles
suddenly seeming so much worse than they were. Maybe it was because he
was tired, but wanted to try and look nice? Maybe they were actually
as bad as they look? Maybe he was just trying not to think about other
things? He had a feeling it was that last one, but he didn't want to
admit it if he could help it.

Still as he reached the feast he was careful to skirt around people
eyes watching for Rolan. He knew his Papa would be here, or rather
hoped he would. He knew there would be a lot of riders wanting to go
to the Hall right now, but hoped Papa could get away at least long
enough for him to say good bye,

Rolan had managed to convince one of the others to cover for him for
just a bit so he could get out. He had promised he would be there for
after the hatching, but Berlan had impressed so he had to at least go
to the feast and try to see him. He had made a point to wait until
things had been going for a bit though because he knew it would take a
bit for the Weyrlings to get their dragons settled, it gave him time
to help some around the hall before heading out.

He made a point to take the tunnels to get there so he could bring
Midnight, the blue wher slinking along behind him like one of the big
wild cats. As the tunnel started to lighten some he paused to turn his
attention to the wher and pointed at a side tunnel "Wait there ok?
I'll see about finding him and brining him out here to say good bye
for a bit ok?" he promised.

((Mi'night wait here for Roro and lil TwoLeg.)) the blue promised not
sure he liked that he was losing one of his two legs to a dragon. He
very much wanted to meet the little dragon, but Rolan said he couldn't
right now so he would make sure they could meet as soon as possible.
He would make sure to send a message every day until they could meet

Berlan had been all too happy to be greeted by Paint as soon as he
entered the dining hall, always preferring to have his blue with him.
He knew the little blue was full of lots of energy and liked his
adventures, but well it had gotten him into some scrapes so yes Berlan
prefered Paint with him.

They had just gotten the congratulations of some woman he didn't know
just off when Paint shot off his shoulder towards a nearby tunnel
entrance. Without thought he took off after the blue with a cry of
"Paint! Now is not the time." lucky though the blue didn't go too far
before halting abruptly which nearly caused Berlan himself to run into
the person in front of said blue. "Paint you can't do that at a
feast." he chided wrapping his armed around the blue only to suddenly
realize who was in front of him and realize said blue again and be
half way towards Rolan for a hug before halting once more.

The grin that had been on Rolan's face dropped into a confused look at
the abrupt halt. "Berlan? What's wrong?" he questioned.

Berlan dropped his head ears turning red as he blushed "I can't. They
told us in class, we can't." he explained, embarrassed at nearly
having slipped.

"Oh Bee don't worry little one." Rolan promised cheer returning as
quickly as it had gone "She won't be young forever and then you can
have all the hugs you want again. I promise."

Berlan glanced up at his Papa, but didn't move until he saw the look
on the older male's face "You know somethin Papa?" he questioned
ignoring Paint who was now circling them both.


"I miss you already." the new greenling advised lifting his hand to
run it along his braids "And you know what else?"


"You still didn't teach me how to braid my hair. How am I gonna keep
it braided now?" Berlan pouted at the sudden thought.

Rolan chuckled at that "I know you impressed with lots of others maybe
one of them can braid my way, but I promise the first time your
allowed out if you haven't found anyone I will teach you. Ok?"

Berlan nodded suddenly feeling very alone and very small "Papa?" he
questioned once more earning a hum of acknowledgment "I think I am
lonely already without you and Mi'night and Paint."

"Bee baby boy you are a Weyrling now. You have a whole class of
friends, especially those two golds. Golds get lonely too a lot of
times because people think they are too important to be friends with.
You show them you can be their friend and don't care about what kind
of dragon they have." Rolan offered. Waiting for his son to nod before
speaking again "Now come on lets see if we can find one of the masters
then we can go see Midnight and you can introduce yourself properly
before you go get some sleep."

It took a moment to find one of the AWLM and let them know the pair
were stepping just into one of the tunnels so Berlan could say good
bye to Rolan's wher before they were off. It wasn't too far into the
tunnel just far enough that with the goggles it didn't cause the blue
issues that they found the turn off where Rolan had left said wher.

Midnight looked at the little two leg not sure what to think now. They
had to let the twoleg go and he didn't like that. He couldn't protect
Berlan if he was in the weyrling barracks where the wher couldn't go.
But the hatchling had a dragon now and a dragon should be able to
protect him some. It was a hard decision for the blue that in the end
he had no choice but to let the hatchling go weather he liked it or
not. ((lil TwoLeg come back see Mi'night)) he informed the boy instead
not about to take no for an answer.

Berlan grinned and nodded "I promise Mi'night. As soon as we can't as
make sure I can see you and Papa both. Will you help Papa look after
Paint for me?"

The wher tilted his head considering before nodding it ((Mi'night look
after LilFly.)) he promised.

Rolan allowed the pair a moment before coughing "I want a formal
introduction." he prompted.

Berlan's eyes widened as he suddenly realized he needed a name. He had
known it would be a thing, but well hadn't entirely settled on a name
yet. So he was left to mentally scramble for a few breaths before
pulling himself together. He straightened up, ignoring the wrinkles in
his clothes and offered his Papa a proud "I am B'lan or green
Erinyeth." breaking into a seemingly face splitting grin.

:"That's the spirit baby boy. You got this Bee and we'll be here
waiting on you when you get out." Rolan offered pride as clear in his
voice as B'lan's "Now let's get you back so you can finish eating and
get back to little Rin."

B'lan nodded eagerly and followed Rolan back out of the tunnels as
Midnight shuffled back into the turn off to stay out of the way for a
few more moments until he and Rolan headed back to the Rider's Hall.

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