Hatching Feast:Accolades and Acclimations (Attn: Mendl-Koshara, Shalia, Calyse, Any)


It had only been a short nap, maybe thirty minutes or so, when Mendl awoke again. Nimoth was still sleeping. Mendl tested their bond, and got the impression Nimoth would stay asleep. She hoped she was right.

OK. She looked around the wallow and saw a couple of dresses hanging up on the side. Ambrelli had been good to her word, though Mendl hoped she wasn't overdressed when she got out amongst the Weyr. She knew all eyes would be on her, and she wasn't used to that.

A quick bath later she was ready to meet the world as Goldrider Mendl. The barracks wasn't empty--there were a few other Weyrlings snoozing with their dragons.

Considering that no one had been invited to this Hatching Feast, it was still crowded just from the Weyr inhabitants. She'd never thought about it before, but Riders ate in many different shifts. Seeing almost the whole Weyr out and about at once was impressive.

The smell of breakfast had her stomach rumbling loudly, and she made a beeline to the food. Plate heaped with eggs and bacon and a few pastries, she saw familiar faces seated together. It was funny, she could tell who had Impressed by the shock and awe in their eyes. She sat in an empty spot.

"Congratulations," she said to everyone. "Who did you Impress?"