Hatching - A Splash of Darkness #HatchingForeth2020


The night’s rain had left many puddles around the Hatching Grounds, and one surrounded the Wrapped in Weeds egg. If one didn’t know better, they’d think that weeds were growing up from the puddle and holding onto the egg. However, this illusion was shattered along with the egg, and a tiny blue pony--dragon--tumbled out.

Pelkith shook himself and glanced around the area, wading through the water which he had hatched in. {{So, what is this place, and what is there to do?}} he asked whoever could be listening.

The Deep Blue Egg was smashed open a moment later. Only there was something wrong. Instead of a head, there were dark blue flailing legs and a tail. They moved such that it almost looked like there were too many limbs attached to the body underneath. Eventually the egg fell to its side and out spilled a perfectly normal dragon. He was chubby of body, but langly in legs and wings. 

((That didn’t seem right,)) he said, shaking himself off. Only to fall into one of the puddles with the vigorous movement. ((Oooo, I like this.)) He began splashing the water everywhere.

Some of that water splashed over to Pelkith’s puddle, letting him know that his puddle wasn’t the only one there. The world was so much larger than he first thought. That made sense; this little world-puddle of his really wasn’t all that big.

{{Hey, how big is your world?}} he called over to the other like him. But different. {{Mine’s pretty small. I need to find something bigger.}}

Kraketh looked around. ((Not too big. We need to find a bigger one. How about we go this way?)) He didn’t wait to hear the reply. He walked off a bit awkwardly, his limbs seeming too long for his body to use efficiently.

Pelkith trotted after him, shaking the hair out of his eyes. The fact that he had no hair didn’t deter him, it just felt like something he should do.  

{{This is an awfully sandy place,}} he noted. {{Not a decent waterhole to be found.}} He hoped that Kraketh could find something, maybe his eyesight was better. Pelkith couldn’t see much in the dark. 

((We just have to keep looking.)) They came to the edge of the light from the glows. Beyond that was only dark, made worse by the shadow of the big male next to them. ((What about that shadowy place? We could look there.))

Pelkith shook his head, and made a noise suspiciously like a runner’s whinney. {{Sounds good to me.}} He ambled into the darker area and stopped to let his eyes adjust to the dark.  

{{There!}} he said, and walked faster towards the water. This puddle was easily three times the size of their original ones. He took a flying jump and landed in the middle, splashing water all around. {{This is wonderful,}} he said, spreading his wings to buoy himself up. {{You need to try it.}}

((No fair!)) Kraketh ran into the water, wings outstretched. No one watching would have been able to see much, but the puddle was enough for a little bit of swimming and the sound of their splashing. In the darkness he moved through the water and he was a lot more agile in the water than on land.

{{ I didn’t take all the water. I’m small,}} Pelkith said and attempted a backfloat. Dragons don’t backfloat and instead he ended up tumbling head over end in the water. He came up sputtering. 

{{Bad water!}} he said, hitting it with a wing, succeeding only in splashing Kraketh. 

He floated for a few minutes, but started to feel strange. {{Do you feel like something’s missing?}} he asked.

((Hey!)) Kraketh splashed back. He huffed. ((I don’t know if anything is missing, but I do know you need more splashing.)) He climbed back out of the water and then flung himself into it. He misjudged and ended up crashing into Pelkith.

{{Oof!}} Pelkith said, falling backwards and going under again. This time he had enough warning to hold his breath, so he wasn’t sputtering when he came back up.  Instead he had a mouth full of water which he blew in a stream at Kraketh. {{What did you do that for?}} he said, though he very well knew why.

((Because it’s fun!)) Kraketh didn’t seem upset by the water shot at him. Instead he made a gleeful trumpet and splashed back at Pelkith.

Pelkith ducked the splash, then splashed Kraketh back. It was fun, he had to admit. {{Wheeeee,}} he said, jumping up and down in the water. But the jumping didn’t do a whole lot. The other dragon jumping in the water seemed to be the better way to go.  

{{We need something to play with in here,}} he said, then spied a curved piece of eggshell against the edge of the puddle. He put it on the water, and it floated.  {{Hey, look at that!}} he said gleefully.

((A toy!))  Kraketh bugled again and splashed after it. He got to it and splashed it back in Pelkith’s direction so that it rushed towards the other dragon.

Pelkith splashed it back to Kraketh, and they both splashed it back and forth until Pelkith got bored. He wasn’t bored with the game with just the only one toy. {{We need more of these,}} he said. {{We could have a whole bunch of these in a...a...float-illa.}}

((Let’s go look for more toys.)) Kraketh got out of the water and shook himself off like a dog. A spray of water went everywhere. Then he started off, his eyes on the Sands for more things like the eggshell they’d found.

Pelkith joined him, but where they were at there were no good pieces of egg. He also didn’t realize they were heading the wrong way, but there were some interesting things the way they were heading.  {{Look, there are some things that may help us find more toys. And smell something really yummy.}} His stomach rumbled and he sat back. 

{{Kraketh, I think something’s wrong. My stomach is making weird noises.}}

Kraketh’s stomach also rumbled. ((Maybe we need to find a way to fix our stomachs instead.))

Pelkith sniffed the air again, and started to follow his nose. {{This way.}} He headed towards the candidates. {{~~Leila~~ can you help me stop this rumbling? And then get some toys so we can play in the water with Kraketh and His?}}

Kraketh followed, but didn’t have as easy of luck. He went from Candidate to Candidate, rubbing against them and getting their robes wet. ((Are you going to help me?)) he asked one but moved on when there was no response.

He continued to ask the question until he stopped in front of another Candidate. He bugled in triumph. ((MINE! You’re my ~~Iridan~.))

Two more Candidates made their connections and the world was good.

Dragonet - Pelkith: Sliding from his egg, Pelkith's colouring is both inconspicuous and strangely alluring all in one go. His hide, a dark myriad of blues, seems to swirl and shift, something that will seem all the more obvious when he is freshly oiled. Especially distinctive are the long "strands" of bright blue that seem to tumble down his neck like a runner's mane.

Somewhat diminutive for a blue, Pelkith is definitely on the smaller side, but somehow it just... works. His most unusual feature is the fact his head seems longer and more angular than most other dragons. The Beastcrafters will quietly mutter that if they didn't know better, Pelkith was part runner with his tapered face and broad brow. He will always have a tendency to look a little skinny, something that will worry the Weyrlingmasters at first until they realise that's just the way he is because his appetite is certainly voracious.

It's easy to overlook Pelkith. He's certainly not the loudest voice in the crowd, nor will he go out of his way to draw attention to himself. But people can't help but find themselves wandering his way. There's just something about him. Ironically, it's this trait that will see him with exceptional potential as a Search Dragon as he gets older as he isn't afraid of loudly declaring who he feels is most worthy of being carried away by him.

Dragonet - Kraketh: Kraketh comes out of his shelf all legs and wings flailing. This dark blue Hatchling is a bit chubby in his body, but has long, thin legs and unusually large wings. He's awkward on the ground, but in the air and in the water he's very agile.

Kraketh is another dragon that loves the water. He'll spend most of his time in there and his favorite thing to do is to try to sneak up on unsuspecting victims and drag them under to dunk them or splash water all over them. He also loves fish. Unfortunately, they don't love him. They cause him to belch, sometimes bringing the fish right back up. But he still loves them and will take any chance he gets to go fishing.

A dramatic dragon, Kraketh likes to wave those ungangly long front legs and wings as he expresses himself or tells long, involved, often boring stories. Anyone too close is likely to get injured, so his lifemate will soon learn to stay well back at these times.