Harper Open: Golden Memories (Tyne - Original Song)


Perhaps one of the last people anyone expected to see climbing carefully up on the stage was the slender, dark-haired young woman dressed in a simple, but pretty dress of many colours that was light and airy. Once on stage, she walked to the Harpers and passed them a single sheet of music. A ripple of surprise went through some members of the audience, some of them instantly recognising the young woman that peered at them with dark eyes as though, for one second, she was about to change her mind and dive back into the crowd.

For a moment she looked at the audience, quivering slightly as though filled to the brim with nerves. She didn’t speak, nor introduce herself. It seemed as though she wasn’t entirely sure what to say. Instead, with the faintest of smiles and smallest of nods, she looked to the Harpers and a slow, dreamy accompaniment began, something similar to a song she had heard once in the North and had been the basis for the words that had flowed into her mind. It hadn’t been hard for a friendly Harper to help her adapt the simple tune to fit her own words.

Swaying a little as the music lilted into the air, Tyne closed her eyes, feeling the notes fill her ears and for a moment, filling the silence of her mind as she began to sing in a voice that was low and soft, as soothing as a lullaby but filled with a poignant ache that she gone without words for, for too long.

I looked for you in the dusk-light,

And every night before,

I called for you in the morning,

And in the day, a little more.

I tell myself I hear you,

Your voice, your mind, your heart.

I tell myself I feel you,

The way I felt you from the start.

Lift me up, on golden wings,

Take me away, to see shining things.

You were always the best of me,

The strength I did not have.

You were the heart and soul of me,

In a stormy sea, my raft.

I thought I saw you by the Lake today,

A glint, a shimmer, a shine,

A whisper of a feeling,

Of a love that wasn’t mine.

I thought I heard you in my dreams,

Your loving whispers called to me,

I said, ‘my love, where have you been?’

You said ‘I’m here, you just don’t see.’

Lift me up, on golden wings,

Take me away, to see shining things.

You were always the best of me,

The strength I did not have.

You were the heart and soul of me,

In a stormy sea, my raft.

But I know I cannot see you,

I know you have left and you are gone.

Where three hearts beat together,

Left behind was one.

So I call you in the dawning,

And in the darkest of the night,

But my heart is forever mourning,

My mind deafened by its plight.

‘Cos you lifted me up on golden wings,

We rode away and saw shining things,

You were always the best of me,

And I, the best of you.

But now all I have are memories,

Golden memories of you.

When the eerie notes drifted away, she opened her eyes, brushing at the tears that had, at some point, begun rolling thickly down her cheeks. For a moment she seemed lost, as though not sure how she had ended up there until she hurriedly wiped her face, a small smile pulling at her lips before she gave the judges a small bow and hopped down from the stage. She didn’t need them to say anything, she had just needed to say what had been sitting quietly in the depths of her heart for much too long. Had needed to share a little of it… with everyone, in the vainest of hopes that they might, somehow, understand.

It was a woman near the front, her Healer knots perched on her shoulder that turned to the judges, her own eyes bright with tears as she watched her former charge disappear into the crowd. “Her name’s Tyne,” said Idri. “She just told you what it’s like for her to be dragonless.”

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