Harper Delivery (Intro post Attn: Searchrider, any)


 Lyreina looked out at the water as she urged the black runner along the well worn path to the weyr, watching the dragons flying high above her, dark eyes sparkling with excitement.Pausing for a moment, she dismounted and stretched, before remounting and continuing her trip.
   She had been at the Crafthall for several years but had managed to be out on errands every time they had riders stop by and this would be her first trip to the weyr to deliver some newly copied teaching scores to the creche.
   As the path turned and began to climb toward the weyr entrance she smiled slightly, whistling the tune that she had been working on under her breath as she enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her bare arms, the runnertail she had pulled her hair into brushing against the middle of her back, the red strands reflecting the sun like a fall of fire.
  As she drew closer to the weyr itself her attention was pulled to a pair of brown dragons darting and swooping through the clear sky, obviously enjoying themselves. Sighing she guided the runner into the tunnel mouth in front of her, her eyes barely becoming adjusted to the semi darkness before she exited into the weyr itself, a large expanse of green extending out in front of her, sloping down to a large lake in the center. Remembering the directions she had been given she headed toward the stables, where she dismounted and handed over the reins of her mount before brushing off the blue dyed hide of her vest and pants and heading to the Haven, the two hide wrapped scores carried carefully in a leather pouch.


Seisilth was sunning on the sands after a bath, hide a bit brighter than usual under the fresh coat of oil Vofali and the candidates she'd recruited had just applied. The green stretched and yawned before she felt the familiar tingle at the corner of her mind. Seisilth looked around for the source and found it in the blue-clad Harper walking to the Haven. Definitely her.

{{Hello,}} the green called out. {{I am Seisilth of Vofali. I haven't felt you before, are you new to the Weyr? It's a lovely place with dragons like me. Who are you?}}
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