Gather: Reasons to Smile (attn: J'zat, Kierev)

Mya L. R.

A Journeyman Harper sat watching the Arolos Cup race.  He'd gotten dressed nicely, even wearing a stud earring in each ears rather than just one, and left the collar of his tunic open. 

Kierev wasn't that into betting though, but watching the runners race was still amazing.  The amount of competition and passion on the race track gave off the sensation that there was more going on than they were seeing.  Left it open for him to imagine what must be going through the rider's minds.  It soon was over with various winners and their were people heading over to the bookies to collect their winnings.

He sat back in his sight, taking a deep breath, as he basked in the moment letting several people clear out before he rose from his seat and moved to leave.  Passing some others who'd stayed behind chatting or some such.  He quickly drew close to the exit from the races pausing as he caught a glimpse of someone else approaching the exit too.  "That was quite the race, huh?"

Member Name: MyaL
Discord: Neffeyn#8723