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Hi, heres my profile, now I hope we can have fun doing the rpg! ;-)

Name: R`Tal
Age: 22
Birthplace:Aralos Hold (I`m assuming theres a hold to go with the Weyr
the same name yes? If not tell me and I will correct it.)
Description: Longish brown hair, unusually small hands and feet,
height and build.
Personality: Newly become a WingSecond, first of his family to
VERY nervous because of this, and reluctant to push his authority on
anything in case he gets it wrong. Rather shy and hasn`t really mixed
well with the others in the Weyr. He can seem sullen, but its not that,
just doesn`t know how to react to things. talks to his dragon, but thats
about it, hes very quiet among others. The only time he will start
conversation is if someone needs help. And he will get angry if he sees
someone being bullied or hurt.
Position - Brown DragonRider - WingSecond
Dragon - Talith
Talith is positive his rider can do well. He worries about R`Tal and
thinks he should mix more.
Hatched at Benden Weyr.