FROST FAYRE: You mean yours DON'T have fur? (Beastcrafter Cloughan)


OoC: Minor warning, I am still a little bit slow right now so feel free to give me a nudge in Discord if I've not responded for a couple of days. This doesn't have to be a buy/sell opportunity, I imagine many of the Arolosians have never seen animals like this before so characters are welcome to gawk and ask questions. In a nutshell, Cloughan sells the Pernese equivalent of Highland Cows and Shetland Ponies.

IC: Cloughan had been coming to the High Reaches winter Gather since he himself was a lad. Back then of course, it had been his father running the stall and his father's father before that. Over the Turns, those that had been around long enough both recognised the animals that appeared and those with an astute eye might recognise some of the subtle changes that had occurred in those times.

His beasts were designed to withstand the cold of the North, that was for sure. And for many of the Northerners, they were actually fairly common strains of runner and bovine to spot, beasts that could tolerate the cold and cheerfully climb the mountainous ranges to graze. His herdbeasts were large, shaggy beasts with rusty coloured fur and impressively large horns that lowed and bellowed as they were moved into a small pen. Cloughan already had a list of beasts spoken for that would be collected from the Weyr by assorted Holdfolk and Beastcrafters. For those used to riding runners, they would no doubt have a double take at the equally shaggy, stumpy legged versions that were set up in a different pen. Compared to a riding Runner, these were barely as tall as their chest but it was clear that the little animals were fearless. They were tempestuous characters, whickering and stamping as they tossed their heads. They clearly weren't afraid to demand treats either, sticking their head through the wooden slats and nosing at the pockets of anyone who went past.

Cloughan himself was a cheerful fellow easily approaching his mid-forties. Short and broad, a large moustache poked out from the furry winter hat fastened securely to his head, large hands covered by padded mittens. His voice carried easily, clearly used to having to call across distance as he cheerfully moved the beasts with all the comfortable familiarity of someone who knew their place amongst them. Yes, he liked the Winter Gather, it was often his most profitable time of year.

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