Frost Fayre: Life's True Delights (Hori, any)


This was it, one of the times that the old man looked forward to the most- tea selling. Throughout the Turn, Hori carefully cultivated his tea plants in the volcanic soil at the base of High Reaches Mountain where the weather was much more temperate and then spent the rest of his time aging the leaves to perfection and creating the ultimate brews until he had a tea selection that none had ever seen the likes of before. The ex-guard sat happily on a large cusion inside his warmed tent with a cup of spiced tea that he sipped and watched the passers by. He didn't cry out like some traders did but instead let his little nest of warmth and the smell of his various teas do the work for him.

Outside of the tent, there was a little display with tiny mugs of mulled tea to draw people in- those were free since they were so small. Inside, however, there were pots that sat steeping with a portion of his variety and signs to indicate what was what. He had more mulled teas for warmth, straight up black tea, green tea, white tea (he was particularly proud of that since it was so delicate), teas for digestive problems, and a wide variety of herbal teas made from flowers he'd found to be cultivatible over his Turns and had a private garden of at his mountainside patch. Also there were satchets of dried teas for sale that people could take home to brew that were larger in number and variety than what he had brewed ready. Among those included medicinal teas including but not limited to teas for after sex, nausea, heartburn, diahhrea, and bone aches.

Yes, Hori had quite the selection and he was calmly waiting for any who was cold enough to be enticed.
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