(Frost Fayre) Frozen treats for all! {Uooji, all}


Uooji had taken quite some time to get this set up, but to him it had
been worth it. It hadn't been too great of a turn out just yet, but he
had only been at this for a turn now, last Frost Fayre had been his
first time selling and he had improved things since then. It had been
a bit of an investment sure, but he thought it would be worth it.

He had taken some time to find a way to get several flavors and now
had some from a couple kinds of berries and a couple fruits as well as
getting some good bowls from the south. The whole thing had cost him a
fair amount of marks, but it was worth it to him. So all that had gone
into setting up his stall with his wooden bowls for individual people,
the large contain for his clean snow, and his frozen syrup to be
handed out wrapped in scraps of cloth he had gotten for cheap.

He made sure to have some of the frozen syrup and a couple bowls of
flavored snow on display at all times to get people's interest before
he started to call out "Come get your sweet treats!" and other things
like it.

ooc: Uooji is selling snowcones and rockcandy! This is only his second
big gather and if you saw him last turn he wasn't nearly as put
together oops... Currently he is selling:

Snow flavored with either: Cherry, Plums, or Peaches (1/4 mark for a
bowl, but if you bring him back his nice wooden bowl he'll give you
1/8 mark back those cost him marks and he wants them back...)
Frozen Syrup flavored with either: Lemon, Red Melon, or Redfruit (1/8
mark for a hand full of pieces that are about the size of a palm
wrapped in some cloth, yes he will let you mix and match flavors if
you ask)

Fruits/berries for his flavors pulled from a list found only of things
mentioned in the books so hopefully all is right. He'll get
more/different flavors as he gets more marks to spend.


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