[Frost Fayre] Baby, it's cold outside (attn Ileanna)

Amy Frazey

Zy'fen straightened up and leaned against Nerenth, pressing his forehead to the brown's warm hide. He was looking forward to getting out of the Weyr for a bit, but also felt more than a little trepidation. They'd only recently begun taking short flights around the immediate area. It was a bit nerve-racking, but he was slowly getting the hang of the differences.

{{I have faith. It is different, but we can do this. It's a simple flight and a jump *Between*. Nothing we can't handle.}}

Zy'fen sighed and looked up, than nodded and gave Nerenth a reassured smile. ((Sure we can, Nerry. Please be extra careful with Ileanna, though.))

Nerenth snorted, and gave His rider a calm blue-green look. {{We can do this.}}

And with that, Zy'fen turned to look for the woman in question.