Firedance, Let's Bring the Cold! (T'eko, Firedance Wing, Foreth, Talith)


Seeing the Weyrlings having so much fun warmed T'eko's heart and called back his own weyrlinghood which... less warmed his heart. He recalled his fight with O'lie and the new rules that imposed plus the disappointment that incurred from his idol R'tal. Well, R'tal hadn't been his idol then but he'd become so at the time. It was then where the brownrider had become his idol. He'd wished then for someone to help him and do something kind and now T'eko had a chance to do so. He would rally Firedance to go North and collect snow for the weyrlings. All he needed was R'tal's permission-

... or did he? T'eko stopped three steps out of his office and turned back to look at it. What he saw was the Wingleader's office. Not Wingsecond like his knots denoted, but Wingleader. With R'tal serving as co-Weyrleader, that made T'eko acting Wingleader for Firedance. Okay then, that settled that. Reaching out with his mind for his dragon, T'eko actually issued the first orders of his time.

{{Brocarth, call all of Firedance to help haul snow. Those who are injured or pregnant are excused, and if anyone has any reason they don't think they should help, have them tell us and we'll consider it. Also contact Foreth and Talith to ask for clearance.}}

Brocarth acknowledged the order with a grunt and stretched on his ledge. {{Firedance! Acting Wingleader T'eko wants everyone who can to muster. We're going North to get snow for the weyrlings' gather. Anyone whose rider is injured or pregnant is excused and if you or your rider think you should be as well, tell me and we can discuss it. Assemble in the bowl for strap checks and coordinates.}}

Satisfied with that muster (and receiving mental praise from his rider for his clarity), Brocarth turned his attention to his sire and dam. {{Talith, my rider and I are rallying Firedance to go north and collect snow for the Weyrlings. All we need is permission.}} To Foreth, the brown's mindvoice grew more respectful. {{Glorious Sun, do you have any objections to my wing going to collect snow for your latest clutch? We will be ready to leave in a moment but my rider and I would like your blessing.}}
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