Eyes in the sky. And in the tunnels. And all across the Weyr. (JP Tyne/Cremsden)


Sometimes it was a matter of knowing who could help. Cremsden left Cuylar downstairs to talk to K’ren and set off at a fast trot upstairs to the firelizard clinic. Bitey, on his shoulder, perked up as they got closer, sensing who they were approaching.

“Do you have a minute?” It was the same tone he used if asking another Healer for a consult. “I have something you might be able to help with.”

Just put a few more things, then call it a day and relax. She could do that. Hefting another box, Tyne stopped mid-step as the faire rustled from their perches. Someone was coming. She was turning towards the door even as Cremsden came through and started speaking. Hmm, his tone wasn’t… usual. It sounded… like the ways she heard him talking to the Healers.

“I do…” she said carefully, setting the box down on an empty counter. “What do you need?”

“Your fellows there,” Cremsden gestured to them, even as Bitey squawked his own greeting and acknowledgement. “Would they be able to help look for someone? We’ve got a missing kid.”

Following suit behind Bobbin, the cluster of firelizards thrummed their own soft greeting at the blue, the “stragglers” swiftly and sharply advised that Bitey was a welcome guest. As Tyne listened, her brow furrowed with concern and her eyes jumped from the gaggle of firelizards and then to Cremsden. “How many eyes do you need?” 

“How many can you spare?” Cremsden glanced over the cluster. “You know, I’m sure some of your fellows are getting fed in my office,” he observed. “Look, it’s a Candidate and this close to a Hatching.. You know the kind of concerns they have.” Sometimes Candidates who didn’t Impress could get desperate. “He’s packed clothes so that’s one thing but he’s-- there’s a possibility someone’s hurt the lad.”

She did know. But the rest of what Cremsden said caused the concern to furrow only all the more deeply. “How old is he?” 

Cremsden hesitated. Had Cuylar said? “Young,” he said after a moment’s thought. “Not one of the older ones.”

Deep breath. Already the firelizards were twitching into alertness, eyes fixating on Tyne. “I need you to go back downstairs in a minute and start brewing up the stuff you use for migraines. The bad ones.” Tyne’s expression was setting into a grim line. She hadn’t done this since the cave in after the earthquake. But she was better at it now than she was then. “I’m going to give you as many eyes as I can reach.”

Healer instincts for his patient warred with the need to protect this new child. Cremsden hesitated, glancing at her a minute. But she was Healer staff now. You gave it everything if someone needed you. That was how it worked.

“I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t needed,” he said quietly. “But thank you. Elphith should be able to help show them who they’re looking for.”

“Have her reach out to Bobbin. She is the best with images.” Even as she spoke, Tyne was moving back across the room and pulling back the large, barn-like doors that had been closed up for the night just a short while before. Glowing eyes watched her every move as the sensation of tension seemed to crank up another notch. She could feel it, the sparking tendrils of intrigue and curiosity that began to prickle like nettle-rash. 

“I’ll let Idri know to check on you later as well,” Cremsden promised as he headed back towards the stairs. And that was less for Tyne’s special circumstances and more..well. He would have wanted Cuylar to check on him were positions reversed.

Tyne nodded, even as she moved back into the clinic. There was a crackling interest in the firelizards now as they shuffled and watched her. Even as she waited for Bobbin to receive the images from Elphith, Tyne set about doing what she needed to do, dragging a low chair across the floor. She knew that at some point, Cremsden would return. Maybe she would have something for him, maybe not. But all she could do was try.

A short while after Cremsden had left Tyne, there was a cacophonous explosion of firelizards erupting from through the open doors, taking to the night sky with whoops and trills as the information relayed through them. Tyne’s own fair was there, as were the few visitors they had had napping nearby. Streaks of colour shot through tunnels, darting in and out of weyrs, across the Weyrbowl, through the Dining Hall and beyond. Some joined the cacophony, others didn’t. But now, there were eyes everywhere. Although the time would be finite before the expansive connection was broken.

= End =

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