Expedition: Klahfest (attn: Raobehr, Garrat/Attlin, any)


Raobehr was surprised when he received the approval for his expedition. It was not that he did not expect to be approved – after all, he had submitted a detailed plan for how he intended to avoid encountering any of the potentially dangerous things the previous expedition had encountered – it was just that he did not expect to be approved so soon.

But it seemed with the unexpected occurrence of the coldsnap in High Reaches and the pop-up Frost Fayre, there was some interest in providing an alternative activity for those who could not or did not want to travel North. 

So Raobehr sent word to Attlin and asked him to help chaperone – though he included an assurance that he had been assigned plenty of other adults, including dragonriders, to accompany and chaperone the expedition. And he had told Garrat of the opportunity in person – and Raobehr had assured the boy that he would not be offended if he decided he would like to go to the Fayre.

"Thank you all for coming. We'll be flying to a base camp – thank you, Aleas and B'drale for your help in setting up – and then we'll hike out from there on three different hikes we've planned from there. Now, be advised, we are relatively aware of what to expect on these hikes based on aerial cartography, but nobody has ever charted this terrain on foot. Keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, and we will explore and catalog what we find."

"You should have your assignments for who will be ferrying you to the base camp. Queue up, and we will see you there."


Diagir had agreed to go with Ziya to act as a deterrant for wild whers as well as protection from anything else that wasn't too large. He wasn't sure how she would fare agaginst a feline and wasn't in too big of a hurry to find out, but if it happened, it happened. He listened to Raobehr speak attentively while checking to make sure that his gold's harness was secure- she didn't often go on a dragon but she was well enough trained that if he said it was alright, then she would be calm and allow it. She wore his new goggles that deflected the light more and fit her face better which only helped to add to her calm.

Diagir approached a rider and hailed them respectfully. After negotiating travel for himself and Ziya, he set up her riding harness and went with the other passengers to the area described. Ziya grunted at takeoff and landing but otherwise sat calmly in her leathers. Once there, they dismounted and the gold shook herself out to get the phantom feel of the harness off of her.

{Thank, big one,} she said to the dragon before going off to wait with Diagir.
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