Ever The Twane (ATTN: Trifali, AWLM)

Jessica Freise

(( There! There you are! My Trifali, you shall share this with me! Share the delight of what I have done, feel the energy that surges within me! Yes, we shall hunt together and it will be WONDROUS! ))

The words came into her mind, her body moving without thought. She left the two golden eggs and their hopefuls behind, descending to find the voice that called her. Her heart beat hard and fast, a tinge of sadness overwhelmed with joy until-

She stood transfixed by the sight on the sands, by the sight of the green. She couldn't go forward, but she couldn't go back. She blinked, hoping the sight would resolving itself into something else. While the green was beautiful, her mind voice the swweetest thing Trifali had ever heard. But over all that beauty, that sweetness, came the awareness that this newly born dragon had killed and mamed. And she'd enjoyed it.

Caught like a dragonfly in amber, Trifali stood and gazed at *her* green, one hand held out, but the rest of her body held stiff as confusion warred with love. She sent the quietest mind thought she could manage.

** Oh, my sweet green, what have you done? **