Crispy, but not Chicken (attn: Hathayn, Lorithi)

Kate Polsom

Lorithi held out her hand for the papers and was reading them as they walked to the exam room, “Ok, so looks like your entire right side? Let’s take a look, please. You have cream to keep the scarring pliable?” She wasn’t trying to be cold about the history that was written there, but right now she was in healer mode which was kind, but methodical.

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“Well then, good thing I was here,” Lorithi said with a gentle smile,”Come with me and we’ll take a look at them. Did you happen to bring any of your healer records with you? If not, let me know who your healer was an I will send a message via firelizard to retrieve them.”

She led the way towards an exam room.

Hathayn gave the healer a slight nod and moved his left hand, taking some papers that were tucked under that arm out.  "I have them."  He said while he walked after her.

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