Come See the Eggs...If You're a Male Candidate atten: ALL/ALL MALE CANDIDATES/Foreth/Kassia


With Kassia's sleep still erratic, she had had plenty of time to discuss with Foreth what to do about people seeing the eggs. Foreth wanted people to get to see her eggs, but she was also scared, particularly of letting any girls near her eggs that might not be suitable. Boys, however, couldn't possibly Impress to the gold eggs, so she was less worried about those. Kassia sent word that the Caverns would be open all day to any male Candidate who wanted to come look at the eggs. It was ACM T'rif that got appointed to speak to the group and make sure the rules were passed all.

"Only boys are to go to the Caverns are this time," T'rifoshe said, addressing the assembled males. "You are to go in and quietly sit in the Stands. You can go in groups of no more than four. Talking among yourselves is permitted, but no horseplay. Any problems will make you risk not only getting ejected, but from not being allowed at the Egg Touching or even Standing. Do not go near the Sands themselves. Doing that and not being able to Stand will pale to the wrath of Foreth. Also, don't do anything to anger Foreth like insulting her eggs. Any questions?"

OOC: If there are no questions, feel free fore your male Candidates to go see the eggs. Foreth will be watching. Remember, IC Actions have Consequences.