But It Could All Go Wrong JP Kassia/M'gal


Kassia was pacing again. The herbs that Mariska was giving from K’ren were working, but not entirely. As the Hatching came closer and closer she wouldn’t be able to be given enough to stave off her anxiety without putting her to sleep and Kassia refused to take anything that would keep her asleep during the day.

So instead she paced. And waited for her mates to show up when they had time. She could have demanded that they stay by her side, but they had things to do and Foreth wouldn’t allow it. Now she was waiting for M’gal to show.

When Ozayith told M’gal that Kassia wanted to see him, he sounded odd, so M’gal hurried over to the temporary weyr. He barely gave the guards time to see who it was before rushing in to see her, and was out of breath by the time he burst into the living quarters.

“ to…” He put his hands on his thighs and hung his head, taking great gulps of air, “...see me?”

Kassia’s eyes widened and she paused pacing. “I...wasn’t looking for that fast of a turn up,” she said. For once. “I just...need to talk...about things. Not about you. We’re fine.” She knew how those words could be taken.

M’gal took one last breath and laughed. “Trust Oz to get it jumbled,” he said good naturedly.

{{Face it, you didn’t want to talk to those guys anyway,}} Ozayith said.

“Though it did get me out of having to chat with some of the Wingleaders. There are a few who I’d rather not deal with.”

He watched Kassia pace for a bit, and started pacing with her. “So, what’s up? Babies are well? Foreth is well? You’re doing fine?” The Hatching Sands were still intact, so Foreth was probably fine. It really was Kassia he was worried about.

“Feel free to use me to get out of a useless meeting at any time,” Kass said, teasing a little even as she paced. 

Having M’gal pace with her made her lips twitch up a little. She reached for his hand. “I’ve been better.” She shrugged. “To tell the truth...I’m nervous. Very nervous. So many bad things have happened. I feel like there’s more. There’s always more. This is Arolos.”

He clasped her hand as they walked. Paced. “I’d like to tell you not to worry, but I can’t. Because, yes. You’re right. This is Arolos, bad things happen, and there’s always a bad thing around the corner.” He smiled at her. 

“But we always get through it. Every time. So, rather than worry, we need to look forward to the good things that will be happening. Right?”

“I guess.” She didn’t sound too certain. “It’s many Hatchings have problems. And there are the two golds. What’s going to happen with them? This could all go so badly wrong.” She stopped pacing and turned to look at him. “Tell me it’ll be all right. Tell me that this Hatching is going to go perfectly.”

“This Hatching will go perfectly,” he said, turning and holding her hands in his. “Everything will be all right.” He grinned cheekily at her. “Now, tell me, am I believable?”

She offered him a weak smile. “I wish. I wish I could believe. I’m sleeping now but I keep having nightmares. All the eggs open up and they’re like Ilexeth. Or worse. Just heads and they’re screaming as they die. Or something crashes into the Caverns and they all get smashed. Or they all turn into gold eggs and the hatchlings kill each other.”

Hmm. Now, if she and Foreth had gone back in time for some reason or other, maybe that’s where her nightmares were coming from. But…

“What’s Foreth say? Has she been having any thoughts, dreams, feelings?”

“She’s nervous, but more about someone bursting in and destroying all her eggs.” Kassia turned to look at the Queen who was laying protectively over her Clutch and on alert. “I have a feeling it’ll be at least another couple of Hatchings before she allows anyone to see the Clutch that doesn’t need to see it. That really scared her. Anything that threatens her eggs is terrifying.”

“Well, I can’t blame her,” M’gal said seriously. “Ozayith was pretty freaked out over our two Clutches, and there weren’t even any gold eggs. So, yeah, I’m with Foreth on this one.

“And, while she’s worried, you’ll be worried too. You’re both feeding worry off of each other. You two are close--closer than you realize. Closer than you think. And you’re feeding into each others’ fears.” He wasn’t going to say paranoia, but that’s what it was starting to sound like.

Kassia squeezed his hands hard and looked around. “I just...I have this really bad feeling. What about our baby? Something could happen there, too. It’s happened before. Lots of bad things.”

And she was older now. “I think you’re going to have this bad feeling until after the eggs Hatch. Then, after the baby’s born. But your worrying isn’t good--for you or for the baby. Oh, Kass,” he turned around and put his forehead against hers. “I want to say without a shadow of a doubt that everything will be fine. But I can’t. No one can. Even if I were to Time it forward, I don’t think that would work either.

“But I would feel better if Foreth would allow Sh’ain and I to spend the nights here with you. We could rotate. Shards, I’d even be okay with having B’lin share in the rotation.” He wouldn’t, but for her he’d do it.

Kassia pulled back enough to nod and then pressed against him, pressing her face against his neck and talking against his skin. “I’ll talk to her. Maybe it’d make my nightmares go away.” Or at least she’d have someone there if she had any. “I need you near me.”

It would be better. He knew it, Sh’ain knew it, Kass knew it. If only Foreth would know it.

{{She does. But Kassia’s Hers. It may be jealousy.}}

“Tell Foreth that none of us could ever come between the two of you, no matter how much time we spend together. Just as you can’t come between me and Oz, or Sh’ain and Rhyth.”

Foreth lifted her head and rumbled, her eyes whirling with suspicion. Kassia could feel the ball of worry that had her lifemate clinging so hard to her and making her crazy in turn. She could feel her chest hurt like something wanted to burst out. Kass knew that K’ren would be telling her to calm down for the baby, but it was so hard with the worry of two where even one was overwhelming.

“Please, love,” she said softly. It wasn’t often that she all but begged her lifemate. She had to be so strong for the Queen, but even she had a limit and she was circling it. 

Foreth was quiet for a long moment. Then she said, ((Fine,)) with a grunt. It was as good as Kassia was going to get.

From the look on her face, M’gal figured she had received at least begrudging permission. He kissed her on the temple. “Good. I think it’ll be better for you if someone were here anyway,” he said. Something she could cling to.

“You may not get much sleep,” she warned. “I keep waking up screaming.” She squeezed his hand again and pulled him. “Sit in the Stands with me. She’ll be happier about your being here if  I’m not hiding in the temporary weyr.” And who could blame the nervous mother wanting company?

“Of course,” he said. He and Foreth may not be bosom buddies, but he knew who ran the weyr. “We can even get a book out and I’ll read to the two of you.”

“That sounds nice.” Distraction was a good thing. For both of them. And Foreth would never admit it, but she did like stories. She probably would have had some of the girls tell her stories if things had gone a different way. 

Kass walked with him out to the Stands. “Lunch will come soon. I can have them bring some books on the way in.” They were still monitoring to make sure she was eating.

“Good. I wish I knew an instrument, but I’m not musically inclined. So you’ll both need to wait.”  He smiled at Kass, and even waved at Foreth.

The Hatching was only a couple weeks away. Maybe once all the dragons hatched healthy, things would go back to their normally chaotic status quo.