Bronze Speed Bump. Attn I'des / B'ryn


It was a nice enough Arolos standards anyway. Which is to say it was a rainy afternoon and quite warm. Not that it bothered B'ryn much. He was from around here. Some of their transfers who came in from the north had a harder time of it.

He was however having a harder time regarding the hatching frim a few nights ago. These new hatchlings were kind of....different and that was putting it mildly. A rather large and bronze interruption intruded just then. Imlearth had chosen just then to claim a large part of the lake front for himself, sprawling out to soak in the shallow water.

Given his size that move, probably on purpose, managed to get in a lot of peoples way...including another bronze pair who happened by. Mentally scowling at his dragon B'ryn turned to address the other rider.
"Sorry about him. Sharing doesn't come naturally it seems."


Sunstreath turned his head to give the other bronze a look of affronted dignity. ((That is the place Mine and I were heading for.)) He informed Imlearth. 

"It's fine. Lake has plenty of room for dragons." I'des responded, with a slight shrug. Sunstreath and me can head somewhere else. "



Imlearth was mildly torn. Not because he cared much what Sunstreath thought. In his own mind he was superior to any other bronze out there. His ego really was that massive. But His seemed to object to his dominance display and that did bother the dragon.

((Fine. I'll move. A little.))

Begrudgingly he shifted over a bit to allow some room for the other two. It was plain however he only did it for his lifemates sake.

"He takes the stubborn part of being a bronze seriously," B'ryn said in an apologetic tone. Being bonded to Imlearth was always a challenge to keep the big fellow in line and not throwing his rather considerable weight around. None the less he loved him and wouldn't trade him for anything. "If the two of you want to stay your more than welcome and we'll make enough room. I'm B'ryn and this big fellow is Imlearth. Nice to see you both."

He nodded politely to I'des and Sunstreath both.

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