Behold His Glory (D'cul, Pompey)


It had been four days and D'cul had started checking his egg as frequently as he could until he saw it start to shake and heard the scratching inside. Once that started, he retrieved a bowl of meat from the stores and sat watching in nervous excitement. Seteieth hummed on his cot and even Ducar was roused from his constant chill trance to add his low voice to the mix. It was the same, Diagir had found found, watching all three draconics hatch. One for a lifemate, one for a guardian, and a third for a pet. He was lucky now that he thought about it. D'cul had two certified Callamere pets and one was a coveted bronze. This one.

Ducar sniffed when he smelled the meat and whined softly. {Car's smellin' some meat,} the brown stated in his deep and slow voice. D'cul smiled and had to laugh a little.

"Be good for our new friend and I'll give you what he doesn't eat, ok?"

{Yes, boss,} Ducar hummed and laid his head back down obediently.

D'cul snapped back to reality when a loud snap signaled the shell finally breaking open. Almost immediately a gleaming bronze head popped through with a shriek, his hunger clear in the three present and causing a bit of red to shoot through dragon and wher eyes to match the little hatchling. Immediately D'cul popped a bit inside the demanding maw even while the rest of the firelizard was still in the shell. Upon tasting blood, the frenzy began and the baby bronze beat at his shell with his lower limbs until his wings burst through and plopped wetly on the hearth. It took a minute for the boy to find his feet and in the mean time, Diagir kept feeding him gobbets of meat while thinking those familiar thoughts of love and welcome. He felt his other two Impressed friends doing the same (which was a surprise coming from Ducar) and sent them gratitude and approval. 

"Hello, beautiful," D'cul crooned to the hatchling. "I'm D'cul and I can't wait to be friends with you. Here, have plenty of meat. I've got enough for you here, more than you'll want." At the reminder, Ducar swung his tail side to side against the stone floor. "Yes, Ducar, I remember you. I won't forget our agreement. You're doing very well so far. Now, what to name our new little friend..."

The firelizard had slowed his eating, little stomach bulging, and was taking his time selecting bits to eat now. D'cul pulled the bowl of warm water close and began to gently wipe down the pale hide, marvelling at how glittery it was and how bright. "You remind me of Seteieth," he murmured softly while cleaning the firelizard. "All shine and wing. Will you have his same demenor? Will you want justice in this world and will you hate Thread?" Moving on to the oil, D'cul was careful to get all of the creature and even began humming himself. He wanted the bronze to feel as welcome as he could in his weyr and not to disappear.

Seteieth snorted as Ducar started in on the leftovers. {{I don't think that he could disappear if he wanted to,}} the big bronze pointed out. {{He's too full to go between now or fly. No, you did well. He's sleepy and content. Safe to say that Impression was a success.}}

Hearing the confirmation from his dragon, D'cul sat gently petting over his now sleeping firelizard and sighed softly. "Such a wonderful creature... I'll never cease to be amazed by dragon types. You're all so different but so amazing. I can't wait to see what he has in store for me."

{{He still needs a name.}}

"Hm... Pompey. The way he demanded his meat was so pompous... Pompey. Call it uninspired but I like the sound of it."
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